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Amos [The Expanse] as a puma - by Rascheln

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    Amos [The Expanse] as a puma - by Rascheln


    I'm not familiar with the series (novel or show) but that's a cool lookin' puma.
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    Wow, that's really well done!

    It's also shockingly appropriate as a furry species for him, too.

    I would highly encourage you to watch the show. It's really top-notch SciFi television.
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      Originally posted by Daryn View Post
      I would highly encourage you to watch the show. It's really top-notch SciFi television.
      My queue is pretty long right now. But I will when I can!


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        Amos is about my favorite character from the show.

        "I am that guy."

        He said this, right after he stopped a botanist, whom they were helping to find his daughter, from killing one of the lead scientists involved in experimenting with children, who had kidnapped his daughter.

        "You're not that guy," Amos told the botanist.

        Then after locking himself in the airlock with the scientist, he told him he was that guy, just before shooting his brains out all over the outer airlock door.

        The Expanse is a great show. It doesn't spare the nitty gritty of people caught up in extraordinary situations. It shows how people would really be in those situations. Amos doing what he did, was just one example of it. He was hard to the core in the show, and he hated what these scientists were doing, that hatred blooming into something truly dark where innocents were exploited.

        Also, the show has top-notch special effects, too.
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