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    Reference Imperfection (formerly Codyverse)

    I decided to do major changes to the core part of the Cody's story. Somewhat inspired by The Expanse, I became aware that universe should be shrinked, however not losing too much in its size. Obviously, Solar System is big enough to contain an epic story. That's why I loved Prologue inside Nexus: The Jupiter Incident and I really wished the Sol part would be a little longer.

    For now, I use this little thing as a basis:

    Edit: I'll drop the idea of single-seated ships, which will mean that in between the FTL journeys the crew will have to make contact with each other. A more healthy way to make small breaks between the actions or pushing some side plots into the Imperfection. While it is very likely that Mark Batello won't be on-board of the same ship Cody will be, it will lead into introduction of new characters, including humans and hybrids. The ships itself are rather big and they need at least 5 members of the crew (like in Expanse). I already discarded idea of woosh-woosh lasers, taking into consideration possibility of heavy ion cannons mounted on military-grade vessels. Railguns and high-velocity projectiles are still tops.

    As it comes to FTL, it exists and is quite powerful for today's standards (around 2-3 light years per day but that needs to be fixed), however heavily limited in terms of classic space opera. That's why the colonized area is very small.

    Edit: I am keen to follow idea of Alcubierre warp drive. Yay or nay?

    This thread wil be updated on frequent basis, stay tuned.
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    Update: I will rewrite the Chapter Three to my PC and edit it out, then post it in the following week.


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      The Expanse, Nexus and The Lost Fleet... You have a good taste in sci-fi!

      The Alcubierre drive is an intresting concept, I think reading up on that to decide if it fits your universe is a good idea. (If you do not know of it already this site Atomic Rockets - Atomic Rockets is quite nice at agregating and writing about "hard" sci fi concepts in a relatively simple way, and is aimed at writers wanting to find inspiration to their work while respecting science. you might find some food for thought there.)
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        I think I am pretty close to fuse up two ideas and somewhat rewrite the Codyverse. Or, make Codyverse and Starclaw being the same continuity like Martian is to The Expanse. When I was creating new background for Toris LaCroix, my fursona - which had been denied by me since last December but eventually I came back to him - I realized that certain ideas can be fused up into a completely new project.

        Excerpt from Toris LaCroix's background:

        Three centuries ago, when the pre-FTL colony ships from Solar System arrived, something went wrong. Around half of the colonists died in stasis, with remaining people either gravely ill or suffering major genetic diseases. The Remnants had no other mean to do anything but to uplift canine species from the DNA banks they brought with themselves. No help, after all, was ever planned to arrive in case of emergency.

        When the last human died after 50 years of extensive research, the colony on Sirius B4 contained population of 30 000 such speciments. With the knowledge left behind by their creators, they rose into greater numbers - so large they surpassed humanity at some point, making Sirians the dominant species. Or Freaks, as humanity nicknamed them as a reminder of their uplifted status. Nonetheless, these still felt proud enough to valiantly stand against the human opression and even means of subjugation as lesser beings. So far, neither succeded so far.

        Population of roughly over 1 500 000 000 000 Sirians speaks the language that heavily appears to be mixture of Afrikaans and Chinese, although a lot of names do not follow that pattern and are borrowed mostly from different languages and para-languages.
        Yes, I realized that Sirius is way too close to Sol - just recently. I bet 8 Light Years is not enough to get unnoticed even for 30 years, even by ever crawling human civilization. By the time of 'current' events Toris would live in, some kind of FTL would be constructed and in use already.

        Edit: Holy crap. Last post on that thread is from July. Time flies.

        P.S. Eevachu, I just realized Cody looks like me IRL minus small belly O_O. Blondie, glasses, brown eyes, left-eye defect (char has artificial eye, I have bigger -), annoying critter.