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    Txol Nh'wae

    Txol Nh'wae

    Txol Nh'wae is an adventurer - for a lack of better word - hailing from the alien species called Seh'lai. He is a typical member of the species and does not stray away from the behaviour of his brethen. Like all other Seh'lai, Txol does all sorts of jobs around the space known to the species. His brave and honest nature can be easily taken for arrogance and bravado, although the strong ancestry of careless exploration is not something to be devoid in the Seh'lai temperament.

    Despite the fact that Seh'lai not only come from a culture than never had any contact with humanity - let alone likely NOT being from Milky Way - for better reading and understanding, every piece of information has been depicted using "standarized" (human) units, such as Celcius, Meters, Years, Hours, etc.

    The Seh'lai (lit. A Man/People of Seh) are a bipedal carbon-based species hailing from Ytra star system. It contains one main sequence star, one substellar object (brown dwarf) and around seventeen stellar bodies. Seh, the second* planet from the binary stars orbits on the verge of inner habitable zone sphere, rendering entire planet to have violent heat storms and higher than moderate temperatures. It forced all native species - including the Seh'lai - to evolve towards natural heat protection. The home planet, despite somewhat harsh conditions, is still classified as Carbon-Based Habitable (or, commonly speaking from a human standpoint, Earth-Like World; ELW).

    *Seh is de facto both second and third planet from its parent stars, due to the fact what initially was believed by the Ancient Seh'lai to be a moon - N'hata - is in fact a barren planet which orbits the barycenter along with Seh. In simpler words, it means that both planets revolve around each other, in addition to the standard stellar orbit.

    The Seh'lai - like all other non-sapient species of Seh - developed a natural coolant system: every single liquid maintains a stable temperature of 15 degrees Celcius. The species is omnivorous, has pseudo-birdraptor descendance and has standard dimorphism, with male and female gender division. Offspring is created through sexual intercourse. After the successful impregnation, the female pregnacy lasts for around 11 standard months and after that period she gives birth to one or two - rarely more - healthy children. The extended pregnacy - as a result of non-mammal classification - renders newborn Seh'lai to be able to eat meat. Adulthood is achieved within 16 standard years and lifespan is estimated to be around 160 standard years. As a result of pseudo-birdraptor evolutionary origins, the Seh'lai body is covered with feathers that protect the scale-like skin.

    The Seh'lai Star Kingdom used to be an independent political state consisting of several star systems, colonized in course of two centuries. However, for the reasons unknown to the contemporary Seh'lai, the majority of species were forced out from their space and destined to be on a neverending exile. The current political situation is really hard to describe, due to the fact most of the Seh'lai developed their own groups and societies that - despite similiar language and origin - seem to be divided at best. Little is known about the government of the Star Kingdom, but it is hinted it might have a king or a queen and sort of parliment or council to cope with local and interstellar affairs. The government of the "Diaspora" Seh'lai are either classified as Anarchy or Multi-Polities. The society itself is mostly libertarian.

    During the exile, the Seh'lai developed a loosely-affiliated culture of "Diaspora" Seh'lai. While most of the Star Kingdom's customs had been lost to the new generations, several scraps were maintained through new and new approaches that every group saw fitting. However, the recent generations became pretty lax on the divisions between the isolated groups and mingle with same - or even alien - species. The division between males and females used to have some meaning in Pre-Diaspora Period (to be noted, chauvinism or sexism was never a thing), but now it is mostly non-existent and based mostly on the biology differences that no cultural change can influence. However, the "Diaspora" Seh'lai seem to have more female than male leaders.
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    Interesting stuff! Have we seen some of this information before? I feel like I've definitely seen that image around :p

    I'm intrigued by the natural coolant system you mention. What's the concept behind that?

    And how big is this "diaspora" group? Are we talking thousands of individuals, millions, or even more than that?


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      "Have we seen it?"
      Sorta, yes. That's mixture of different ideas and you likely saw that design, which is over year old. But now, I finally got some works on the background. You may also remember some other character, Esh Vaiyk, who I realized is a pretty likely 'alpha' version of what we have now.

      "Coolant system -- what's that?"
      It it basically, like in description, an evolved system present in blood and all liquids that are inside the body. Closeness of Seh to its parent stars rendered all native species to create some sort of defence again relativery higher temperatures. It is not defence against extreme heats over 80 degrees Celcius, however. Entire system keeps the Seh'lai fluids at stable 15 degrees Celcius. I speculated there could be traces of nitrogen present in their bodies, although they are Water-based, not Ammonia-based organisms.

      "How big is Diaspora?"
      The Exiles, or Diaspora, should be actually a pretty big group. I took some borrowings from the Gypsy* culture and mentality, altering some facts in order to avoid direct calque and create something new, so Diaspora is multitude of subcultures, almost clan-like entities. It's been at least a few centuries, so pretty much they could hit up even to 50-60 billion souls -- so let's say the Seh'lai are pretty affectionate and... active. If you know what I mean.

      *I think I already stated the differences between Gypsies, Roma and how both names are used. I prefer to use "Gypsy" despite more PC name "Roma", because the latter is severly incorrect and only one group uses it and some groups do not identify themselves as "Roma".