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Species Concept: The Cyberwolf

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    Species Concept: The Cyberwolf

    I hope this is in the right forum, if not feel free to move it. This is one of my concepts for My sonas species

    Cyberwolfoxes (Also known as Cyberwolves, or Dark Wolven) Are a Highly-Advanced Lupine species originating from the distant planet of Draconis. They were originally designed by Ember Kamura as a fursona species. Cyberwolves can be different species, but "Pure" Cyberwolves are Lupine. While most Dark Wolven are muscular, this is not always the case. While they do have the nickname "Dark Wolven" Cyberwolf fur can actually be a wide variety of colors. Male Cyberwolves are usually larger than their Female counterparts. Some Darkwolves end up growing Colorful manes, and Some purebreds also bear various markings on their coat to express their power or authority.

    Cyberwolves come from an Alternative universe, They have made a vast and Militaristic Empire inhabited by a vast range of Sentient species, Both allied and Enslaved. Their Empire spans several Dimensions and Alternative universes, The Cyberwolves posess Immense Military power and Technological might. The Dark Wolvan have been around for millions of years, Constantly undergoing warfare and times of change. They eventually developed Space-Travel technology and began their conquest.

    The first darkwolves originated from the planet of Draconis, Where they began to make weapons and war against each other. Over time they began to develop advanced technology and weapons, A Wolvan named Limathar (Also known as the Immortal Emperor) Began to make his own Regime, After a period of 20 years Limathar had taken over all oppositon, and established himself as The Darkwolvan Emperor. The Darkwolves (Soon to also be known as Cyberwolves) Discovered a Chemical known as Taliov-7, Witch enhanced Darkwolf abilities by a Ten-Fold while adding blue lines all over the body, Over time this spread until almost the Entire species had been given it.

    Cyberwolves have more than just Advanced Cybernetics They also posess several Exotic and powerful technological advancements such as, Brainwashing, Cloning,Genetic modification,Teleportation and Synthetic Engineering. Darkwolves are capable of using Advanced-Wave generators to Replace the Brainwaves of a living being, Thus making them do whatever the Darkwolves want, However it is difficult to Erase it totally, So they are instead just Applied over the original thought patterns, Meaning that the Effects can be easily undone. They are also capable of Copying DNA chains and "Growing" Soldiers if need be. They also posess Powerful weapons such as Disentegrators and Particle rifles. Cyberwolves even posess the ability to travel into alternate dimensions with some limitations, first off they cannot teleport to another place in the same dimension, As their portals have to "Tunnel" Into alternate universes, In addition they need a Receiving portal, and cannot be used inside Nebulas.

    Strengths and Weaknesses

    While Cyberwolves are immune to most illnesses, they do have some vulnerabilities. One such vulnerability is the Weakness to High-Temperatures due to their fur. Darkwolves are also vulnerable to Sonic weapons. Cyberwolves are also vulnerable to Electrical discharges. As such, Sonic,Electrical, and Heat weapons are Very effective against Cyberwolves. Another weakness is actually their Tail, As it is connected to their spine. Pulling the tail Hard enough could cause Brain Damage or perhaps Even Kill them.

    Cyberwolves are Exceptionally strong and durable, capable of taking several bullets to Vital areas (Excluding the Forehead) The ribcage of a Cyberwolf is usually bulletproof and has few weak spots. And can take Limited small arms fire. Only High-Calliber rounds (Such as 50.Cal) Can hope to pierce the Bone quickly. Cyberwolves also posess Immense, Almost supernatural, Levels of strength. Some Wolvan can Even rip apart tanks if given enough time. They also can Genetically modify individuals to suit mission needs. Darkwolves also have large Lungs to provide appropriate Levels of stamina in combat conditions
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    What about culture and art? Do they have theology? What about their family structure?

    Just curious.
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      Originally posted by Daryn View Post
      What about culture and art? Do they have theology? What about their family structure?

      Just curious.
      Woof! Working on that now!


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        Woof! Here ya go! I'll get more into military technology next.

        Theology While their conqoured subjects may feel differently "Pure" Cyberwolves commonly beleive Limathar is some form of Diety. During the end of the Draconis conflict, Limathar had established himself as Darkwolf Emperor, and quickly hired religious leaders to make himself seem like a god. While this is actually just an act by Limathar to gain power, it worked very well for him. And by using Genetic Engineering, has become immune to aging. Some Darkwolf Units actually posess knowledge of Dark magic. ANd some even posess magical powers, One such example of these powers being used could be found in the Darkwolf Vanguard, An elite Sword combat unit that serves under the Emperor. Though these powers were extremely rare, and do not conflict with their Theology. Emperor Limathar himself has advanced forms of Magic, allowing him to Throw his enemies around the battlefield and crush opponents with ease. Most information about this "Magic" Is highly classified.

        "Pure" Cyberwolves themselves rarely make much art. However, some Conqoured subjects are given special privilages that allow them to make Artistic creations, The Darkwolf Empire favours intimidation, using symbols of skulls and images of brutality to get what they want. The Darkwolves also use Propiganda to get their views across. As such, Propiganda artists are in High demand. After The 2 Hour armageddon, the Darkwolves began to hire Furry Comission artists, as they were capable of Drawing Cyberwolves.

        Cyberwolf culture varies depending on the planet, though "Pure" Darkwolves are usually seen working under The Darkwolf Empire, Darkwolves have a highly militaristic and nationalistic mindset. Their regime consists of a wide variety of conqoured and allied races. As such, Darkwolves will not hesitate to commit Mass Murder,Intimidation Or even Genocide to acheve their goals. Cyberwolves also posess Genetic Alteration, and can transform other species into Darkwolves. Wolvan are usually seen to favour Animal races,and commonly can be seen working with Quinterrans, An Arctic Fox species from the planet of Frostfall. Dark Wolven are usually very harsh, though they can occasionally be friendly. It should be noted that if a species worships or idolizes an animal similar to one of the Darkwolf Species, They are likely to be better treated. It should be noted that, after the annexation of Earth, Anthro/Furry Members were kept out of the "Reconditioning Facilities" Though this may just be because the Wolvan need propiganda artists. The most common freetime activitiy by the Darkwolves would usually be playing Tabletop games, Drawing Art, or occasionally doing Virtual Reality Sightseeing. It should be noted that darkwolves are actually Slightly less intelligent than other species, Albeit only slightly.

        Family Steucture
        Darkwolves can usually have family groups of 4, 2 Parents, and 2 Children. Though a Darkwolf with a single child is also very common. And having up to 8 Children is not unheard of. Typically, the Oldest Male is considered the "Alpha" Of the family, who makes most of the major decisions. Whilist the oldest Female is considered the "Beta" ANd is second in charge. Most wolvan typically train for their career from a young age, thus making them very skilled in their chosen line of work


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          Woof! I'll be working on one of their Allies first, Enjoy!!

          AKunov Arms was an organization that worked for The Darkwolf Empire and was stationed on Dorinis, establishing laboratories all over the planet, They specialized in the Development of Experimental Projects, Such as Ration Bars and Synthetic Alteration. It was originally established by Blin Zakari, who had an office in Site-20 before his death.

          Akunov Arms was originally founded on Draconis as an independident Entity that worked on products for Darkwolf Civilians, However they also had some investments in the Military-Industrial-Complex, Developing a High-Powered Flamethrower. Satisfied with the Quality of the Flamethrower, The Darkwolf Empire thought the company could be put to better use in developing for the Imperial Army. The company was given several billion credits to fund it's research and they were given several Private Laboratories on Dorinis, Including one in Site-20. The company continued to work on experimental projects, and even assisted in the Deployment method of the Shadowclaw Weapon, A fearsome virus that converted anyone infected into a Mindless beast.

          Initial Outbreak
          During the Dorinis Outbreak, Site-20 was overrun, Along with the laboratories in the facility. The remaining Laboratories were ordered by the Darkwolves to Create Advanced Weaponry that could help combat the Infected,along with trying to make a cure. As such, all other projects were to be suspended Indefinitely. And the researchers from the other projects were transferred to help develop the Experimental weapons and Antidotes. However, Akunov still kept making ration bars for use by any Darkwolf Survivors.

          New Tasks

          At approximately 72 hours after the Outbreak, the first Pulse weapon was created, Although it was Extremely Crude and experimental, And there was little progress on any form of Vaccine. As the Virus spread across the planet and pushed deeper into Dorinis Urban Cities, The Planetary Administrator of Dorinis released a statement that a Majority of the planet had fallen and that anyone seeking refuge would have to go to Airbase Odin or the Azeroth Shipyards. The next day at both locations, The Darkwolf Troops began using experimental weaponry developed by Akunov to defend Refugees until they could be evacuated.

          Akunov Arms was moved to an Underwater Facility near the Kamira Coastline. They continued to work on their Experimental weapons, Staying behind after the Evacuation in hopes of Developing an Antidote. However, the facility was soon flooded by an unknown enemy, Destroying the Darkwolves last hope of creating a cure. Aftermath. Meanwhile, Azeroth was turned into a Radioactive zone when an Unknown Group detonated a Carbon-Matter-Device near the Azeroth shipyards, killing thousands, But not before millions more had been evacuated. After the second to last group of refugees had been evacuated, Odin Airfield fell to the infection. Most of the survivors regrouped onboard a Floating Shipbuilding Facility. However, one of the Reactors had a Meltdown that turned the Facility into a Radioactive zone, Killing them. At this point the only survivors who didn't leave the planet were within Site-20. With their CEO dead, and a majority of the Staff killed, Akunov Arms crumbled apart.

          Despite their unfortunate end, Several of Akunov's experimental weapons remained in use by The Darkwolf Army, such as the X-482 Flamethrower, Albeit in very small numbers. The Akunov Arms Logo was eventually adapted for use by Ember Kamura's unit, becoming a feared Symbol of Darkwolf Might.


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            Woof! Sorry for the lack of inactivity... I've made another bit of Lore to my already growing Universe!

            Darkwolf Naval Doctrine

            Fleet Composition
            The size and composition of a Darkwolf Fleet depends on it's role, Though the standard Fleet consists of a single Sledgehammer-Class Dreadnought witch has an Escort Fleet of 9 Wherewolf-Class Heavy Battleships, Each one accompanied with 4 Lycus-Class Light Carriers and 8 Kitsune-Class Light Battleships, With every ship being backed up with at least 12 Shield-Class Corvettes. Though larger Fleets can consist of at least Hundreds of thousands of warships. In most Battle-Fleets the larger capitol and Flagships are usually kept at the center of the group where they give out commands to the other warships witch are usually organized around the Main flagship. Corvettes are usually at the front of the fleet so they can shoot down Missiles and Fighters.

            Most Cyberwolf Capitol ships are built around a High-Powered Energy beam that can destroy an entire continent, This Main Gun is usually used for fighting other Warships or for Orbital Bombardments, Even a small barrage can turn a planet's surface into molten slag, Prolonged fire from several other warships can actually break a planet apart in a matter of hours. This is usually only used on larger targets as it is too large and cumbersome to use on small targets. However this weapon is only used on large enemy ships such as Carriers or other Battleships, Not every Darkwolf ship can have a Energy-Beam due to it's power requirements and they are usually only seen on the Capitol ships. The secondary armament consists of Laser cannons and Missiles that can be used to Destroy both small and Large warships in Direct Combat and can occasionally be used to engage Planetary Targets. Almost every Wolvan Fighter will carry at least 2 Missiles, this allows them to preform Light Bombing Runs should a Bomber Squadron be unavalible. However,Most Darkwolf Fighters are usually unshielded except for a few "Specialized" Variants as the Cyberwolves prefer Quanity over Quality when it comes to Fighters as both the Ship and it's Pilot can be replaced in the blink of an eye. Darkwolf Point-Defense usually consists of both Organic Operators and Automatic Computers, Organic gunners are trained to shoot down Fighters while the Automated Guns target Missiles. It is usually not advised to attack Darkwolf Corvettes in a fighter unless it is armed with Missiles and the Darkwolf Corvette is Damaged and/or Overwhelmed. Darkwolf Ships are usually designed with a Unique shape that allows them to focus all of their firepower forward to attack enemy ships and can also have an impressive Broadsite Armament. However, This is also their weakness as larger ships are vulnerable from attacks from the rear, A weakness that is easily protected by a proper Escort Fleet. Cyberwolf Warships are known to be exceptionally lethal and can strike fear into even the strongest of planets.

            The Wolvan Navy usually prefers Brute-Force and Overwhelming firepower to defeat their enemies, though Darkwolf Fleet Commanders may use some level of tactics, they are usually not needed due to the sheer power of their fleets. Darkwolf Space-Warfare usually involves "Wolfpack Tactics" Where their warships will attack in small groups to overwhelm the enemy. The most common tactic usually involves a Brute-Force attack with large and powerful weapons from multiple warships coupled with large ammounts of fighter support. Wolvan Battleships are known for their Durability as much as their firepower as they can still function even after withstanding Grevious damage. Darkwolf Warships are difficult to board due to Automatic turrets and Blast-Doors, Even when severely crippled. Darkwolf Captains are always told to Self-Destruct their warships if they are at risk of being captured by the enemy, Violation of this rule usually results in the Death Penalty. The Cyberwolves also posess "Dimensional Stabilizers" That prevent FTL Drives, Jump Drives, Warp drives and any other Long-Range teleporter from opening by an unknown mechanisim, These devices are usually mounted onto a specialized warship and brought in to ensure that not a single Enemy escapes alive.

            Despite the extrodinary durabiliy and firepower posessed by their Battleships, they are far from perfect. One such weakness would be that most of the Warship's weapons are only able to fire Forward or in Broadside positions, Meaning that the rear is easily vulnerable to attack by Enemy Fighters and Ambushes, Yet this can be easily remidied with an escort fleet. Another weakness would be their lack of Quality Fighters, usually relying upon sheer numbers to overwhelm opponents. Despite the Low-Quality of these craft the Cyberwolves can also Remedy this weakness by making Point-Defense corvettes


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              Keep up the good work! ^^


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                Originally posted by Rusakov View Post
                Keep up the good work! ^^
                Thanks! I will!