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    Staff Announcement Working on the Forums

    Heyas, everybody,

    Starting this weekend, Daryn and me have been doing a bit of plugging away on the forums. We're looking to streamline them a bit, both in how they look and how they work. You'll have probably noticed that we've altered a few backgrounds, too (some of you may need to do a CTRL+F5 to be able to see some of the changes). But most of all, we're trying to make navigation, function and how the forums look more streamlined. And in so doing, easier to use.

    If any of you guys have any suggestions or ideas, we welcome them. Hit us up if you have any. Daryn and I have a pretty good idea of where we want to go, but you are the guys we're doing this for. So if you'd like to see something or have an idea about how something worked could be changed, then please, by all means, do let us know.

    Thanks, everybody! And we hope you guys like the changes we've made so far!
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    The "mark all channels read" link works in a non-WTF way now, yay!