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    Staff Announcement Some Changes Ahead

    Hey there everyone. My apologies for the vague title, but really this is about a number of smaller changes coming to the site that you may start noticing. I just want to list them in brief here, and anyone who would like to ask for more details can do so below.

    First and foremost, we're having a bit of a shift in staffing. I've been the Head Administrator here for quite a few years, and while I've really enjoyed being in that role on the forum and won't be leaving any time soon, I have found I don't have the time to dedicate to SciFiFur that I would like to have. I'm taking a bit of a side-step into the role of Deputy Director and Member Liason, which will see me be slightly less hands-on in terms of the day-to-day running of the site, but still to be your first port of call if there are issues between members or if you have general questions about whether something you want to do is right for our users as a whole.

    Rick has kindly volunteered to pick up the slack, and is currently pushing for a few initiatives behind the scenes as he takes up the position of head administrator (termed Director in our staff listings). We're trying to have a bit of stability, but there is the chance that this is only temporary, and if any of our regular members would like to consider staff positions, now or in the future, please do get in touch with either myself, Rick or Daryn.

    We'll be looking into what we can do to attract new members, which will include going over things like the policy page and similar documents.

    Beyond that, you may see a few changes on the home page, such as the new "Top Active Users" box - it's not much now, but Rick and Daryn are hoping to get it showing a few more statistics to see who has been most active each week, among other things.

    Finally, for now, I want to thank those of you who got involved in my poll about potential future contests/competitions, as well as remind you about the current writing competition that is open: Single word/theme short story competition! Discovery. - Community Forums

    Thanks for reading, and if there's anything you'd like to add or ask for more information about, please do so below!
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    Deputy Director. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Does it too, perhaps, sound a bit like a heralding of what may lie in your future? Running for actual office, didn't you say, Slice? Either way, to think that someone so kind, so decent, and so very much skilled has found enjoyment, and a place in our humble little community, comes as great compliment to it. We, Daryn and I, simple little web hobbyists, makers of Internet sites, spinners of communities, feel humbled and privileged to have someone like you as part of us.

    But... we are a community. is a gathering place of people of like interests to come and hang out and share ideas, in which to share one another's company, to come to a place where they hope they can share their interests and ideas and find people of like mind who may share in them with them. But above all, a community. Of real people, of people who have hopes and dreams, of expectations and hopes for a place they can belong to and call their own. For a place like that to work, to really work, it has need of people who can apply focus to it - their focus, so the community maintains the focus for which it was brought about. Otherwise, we're just a bulletin board service, and not a community.

    I have often said of myself that I lack in diplomatic skills enough to be able to head such a community. Blunt, to the point, driven and often demanding. More a personality one might find in a CEO than what might be found in a successful village mayor. But I have been striving to learn. I have carefully watched and tried to learn from several people I have encountered over the years, you being one among that many. You being one of the most influential in my growth in this regard. But as much as I know I've learned, I know in what areas I am still most lacking. I am still impatient. I am still demanding. While you may be lacking in the time necessary to be the head of a community like this for now, I am still in very much need of someone like yourself, to protect me from myself!

    So that said, Slice will be taking on the tasks of guiding me into appropriate action where I may otherwise get myself into trouble. Protect me from myself, as it were. He will also still retain much of his leadership of the site, if from a bit of distance now, due to the lack of time he has to devote to it for now. When you find the time again, though, Slice, you'll not just be considering taking back your former role, you'll likely have me thrusting it back at you!

    In the mean time, though, I am going to take up the reigns of site development. I am going to set some special money aside, along with some time, and we're, Daryn and me, are going to have a look at what we can make this software do. Really do.

    In that regard, we welcome any and all suggestions from you guys. If you see something we're working on, and have an idea about where it could go, don't hesitate to hit us up with it. For that matter, if you have an idea out of the blue, hit us up with that, too. We are, after all, building the site for you. We're doing it in large part for our own enjoyment, yes, but most of that enjoyment is derived from the enjoyment you find in our work and development.

    So, all that said, we aim to have a long future here. And we are very glad you are going to be a part of that future with us. And part of that future, is you getting to see and be a part of seeing how far can go.
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