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    MIT: We're building on Julia programming language to open up AI coding to novices

    MIT, where the popular Julia language was born, has created a probabilistic-programming system called 'Gen', which it says will make it easier for newbies to get started with computer vision, robotics, and statistics.

    Gen is part of Julia, which MIT researchers debuted Julia in 2012 and over the past year has become one of the world's most popular languages, currently sitting in 44th place on the Tiobe programming language index, just behind official Android language Kotlin, Microsoft's JavaScript superset TypeScript, and Mozilla-created Rust.

    According to MIT, Gen's creators "incorporate several custom modeling languages into Julia" to create the new AI programming system, which allows users to create AI models and algorithms "without having to deal with equations or manually write high-performance code".


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      Microsoft Announces Massive $1 Billion Investment in OpenAI

      Microsoft is investing a massive $1 billion in OpenAI. The companies today announced a new partnership that will involve both the firms working together to build new AI tech and expand OpenAI’s Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) efforts. OpenAI was originally co-founded by Elon Musk in an effort to build AI systems that are safe and “benefits all of humanity“.

      The investment will see OpenAI moving all of its services to Microsoft’s cloud. The company will be using Azure to create new AI tech and deliver on its AGI promises.

      Both the companies will also be working together to develop new Azure AI supercomputing technologies. Microsoft will also become OpenAI’s preferred partner for commercializing new AI tech as part of the partnership.


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        A must-watch if you're into A.I.!

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