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[Essay] An Essay on Online Bullying

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  • [Essay] An Essay on Online Bullying

    An Essay On Online Bullying

    The so-called Information Era marked a serious milestone in the terms of our daily activities, including not only the increased speed of our lives but also a very troubling series of trends, namely online bullying and hating. While the Internet became a very useful tool for many different areas of interest, such as education, news or even video games, a serious stigma of abuse has to find its overall solution.

    Acts of bullying are nothing new, as far as the schooling system is concerned. A stronger pupil hitting or threatening a weaker one to give him their money, or just a verbal abuse because of social class difference, richer student bullying poorer ones. How many times we all been there? Let's be honest: the act of bullying is not anything new but was not really an issue in the pre-IT eras. Thanks to the internet, and many different sources of media such as television or radio, which however did not evolve as much as the internet itself we can witness more and more abuse towards people having different points of view, belonging to different fandoms and lastly just because the abusing person has nothing else to do and is, bluntly speaking, bored. That exact act of seeking an easy target likely did not change for centuries, as the offender picks on the weakest person available.

    Any time when a person harasses the other person, it remains a criminal offense. There is no doubt about that. Citing the official definition of harassment; "harassment is a feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented". Nothing more, nothing less, but the fact that widespread change of information through the World-Wide-Web also adds up a serious issue to the whole equation, as many abusers are simply in belief they are completely anonymous and no consequences will follow their actions. You now must imagine such situations do not only apply to the schools and teenagers, but also to the adult people such as you or me. This does not mean that the teenagers suffer less criticism than the adults, but the act of online bullying is also likely happen to the quite surprising group of the people. Most of these cases, however on basis of my personal examination of the internet are rather in concern of the political or religious views. We should bear in mind however, that those are not the only cases. Malicious defamation is also a serious act that lays fright and fear in many people considered to be adult. Such defamation is generalization of all men, but that is subject for a different essay.

    In summary, I would like to point out that our style of life became faster so did our way of communication and gaining any information. Sadly, the fact that a lot of people are using freedom of speech also leads into situation that such to harm other people. However, this is where we must abide to the goodness of our hearts and try to fix this issue in a peaceful manner.

    Paul "Tiki" Ngasau