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    Life Update


    So, not long ago I applied for a job and recently got a job offer letter for it. It's all new to me, and will be a challenge to learn no doubt. Working for the billing and general help department for a cloud service. Hoping to use that as a start to branch into Information Technology work as I work on learning for a couple Industry Certifications.

    Also recently, two friends from out of state have visited me on after the other. That was awesome and I really enjoyed my vacation time.

    These things have had me gone for nearly a month though. I don't play games much these days, and do not role play often either. Been too busy adulting and trying to figure life out. Seems like I won't settle for a good while to come. Some day though I hope to be settled into a career and a home to call my own. It's been such a struggle for several years now. This could be the start of improving that however. Even this last year was much better than years before, in spite of going bankrupt and divorcing.

    I still draw from time to time. No stopping that.

    I would think forum posting would be an easier thing for me to keep up with. I know it used to be but then it was my main form to socialize on line. Now I just shoot off short texts on telegram when I have a minute. That said though, this is the only forum I ever come back to, as little as that may be.

    Have you guys all been hanging in there okay?
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    I'm doing okay.

    Best of luck on your new job! *snugs*
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      Hey there. I'm doing okay here. Learning to finally adapt to my disabilities and make the best of life. It's bee a challenge, too, but very satisfying. It's always good to have you here, and believe me, the fact some folks consider this place home does mean a lot to me.
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        Doing pretty good of late, myself.
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          Apologies for the late response, but congrats WWF! Sounds like a lot of good stuff is going on for you at the moment, and long may it continue! What's the new job, if you don't mind me asking?

          As for me, I'm doing alright, thanks. Struggling to stay on top of things as always (hence my horribly long absence from here!), but I'm just about managing!