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Fundraising for Elite Dangerous on Xbox One for a friend [Short Time]

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    Fundraising for Elite Dangerous on Xbox One for a friend [Short Time]

    Ladies and gentlemen.

    Due to finding out about the recent sale due to 25 Years of Frontier Development, I made a decision that I want to introduce one of my friends into Elite Dangerous. He found the game really interesting, but due to his limited funds he cannot afford the game even on so drastically big sale. I am raising money to fund him Elite Dangerous Standard Edition on Xbox One for 50 PLN [Polish Zloty] (16 USD), as I can only cover Horizon Season Pass (35 PLN / 10 USD) being not so able to afford both items at the moment.

    He is from Poland so redeem codes outside EU region will not work (including United Kingdom) on Xbox. Hence why I am rather raising funds to my own PayPal, which I can give in Direct Message on INARA if you are interested to donate.

    Both redeem codes will be delivered to him as soon as the amount of money would be reached.

    I wouldn't write if it wasn't about the fact the sale save us both around 170 PLN (44 USD).
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    I don't have any money (as in, my bank account is at $0.00, no money at all to my name), so I can't help. Sorry. ;3;


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      I'm in a similar situation, unfortunately. Some big bills just came in, so I just don't have any money to spare.
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