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"Artificial neurons" developed, may cure diseases

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    "Artificial neurons" developed, may cure diseases

    Tech Xplore

    This short bit in the article makes for a decent summary of why this is exciting:

    "Our approach combines several breakthroughs. We can very accurately estimate the precise parameters that control any neurons behaviour with high certainty. We have created physical models of the hardware and demonstrated its ability to successfully mimic the behaviour of real living neurons. Our third breakthrough is the versatility of our model which allows for the inclusion of different types and functions of a range of complex mammalian neurons."
    Very cool IMO (as a sufferer of depression and epilepsy), maybe one day I can kick all of my meds!
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    Not to mention the potential for Parkinsons and Alsyhmers. Stuff like this is very exciting, but I just wish it was a little closer to being available.
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