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Music artist that have changed but are still good

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    Music artist that have changed but are still good

    So I was inspired to make this post from some remixes of old Mocean Worker stuff, you might have heard some of his music on the radio before:

    But (at least in the U.S.) what hasn't gotten radio airplay was his drum and bass stuff back in the 90s.

    Yes, drum and bass, the same guy who made those Jazzy beats used to make hard-as-nails drum and bass. An example:

    (That track was also used for a Toonami event, I was amazed when I discovered that!)

    YMMV about each track, but I like both of them. Basically: Mocean Worker's music changed, but it's still pretty good.

    Do any of you have artists you still like despite their output changing?
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    Journey. They started out in the mid-70's as a progressive rock band, and would turn into an AOR band a few years later. Granted, they're still my favourite band, but listening to Don't Stop Believin' is very different than hearing Of A Lifetime.

    One song is iconic of its time. The other one is a showcase of musicianship. Different styles, but I sort of wish Neal Schon would turn down the crazy for long enough to do another journey album and go back to some prog stylings.
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      That reminds me...

      Remember the quintessential song of the 1990s?

      This is what that band sounds like now: