Yeah, I know, it's been out six months, but I finally got to watch it.

Honestly, it was a really enjoyable movie. It had a ton of action, a who's who of characters, and a poignant yet satisfying ending.

My biggest problem with the movie, though was that Thanos' character took a step backwards back to generic megalomaniacal villain. At no point did I ever feel like he was making the 'tough choices nobody else wants to' that was the crux of Infinity War. I suppose it would have been hard to pull that trick off with the premise of stopping what he did being undone. Stopping the Avengers 'for their own good' really wouldn't have worked.

On the whole, though, it was an epic ride of a movie. I had to watch it in two sittings, though, because it was so long!

Oh, and it is a stunning movie to see. I watched it in 4K HDR and the scenes had an incredible amount of depth to them. There might be something to this whole 4K Ultra HD thing.