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    Review Stranger Things

    All I can say is, "Oh my god!"

    Take Lovecraftian horror, mix it with The Goonies and throw in a heavy dash of The Twilight Zone, and you got Stranger Things!

    It's a Netflix original series about a group of boys who get thrust into the extraordinary. Extra-dimensional stuff. Monsters, things that go bump in the night and outright scares that'll either have you jumping out of your skin or outright laughing yourself silly at just how awesome it is!

    A secret lab in Indiana was experimenting with developing psychic abilities in children. Then, something goes horribly wrong, plunging a small town in Indiana into a nightmare landscape of unbelievable proportions.

    The story-telling in it is awesome to the point of being superb. The acting is just as good! Also, it makes a wonderful comeback for Winona Ryder. And the show itself pulls no punches. None! It is masterful horror story-telling that very few horror stories have ever been able to live up to.

    Serious business. I've seen few shows on par with this one. Game of Thrones comes close. Perhaps the Expanse a little closer. And it is ON par with Breaking Bad's character and storyline development.

    If you love good horror, then this is one you should not miss!

    If you just love a good story, then this is one you should not miss!

    Seldom have I had the joy of being completely captivated by a good story. But this one has sucked me right in. I can't overstate how good it is! Watch it! You'll be ever so glad you did!
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    Heh, I didn't know if this was something you would be into. I'm glad you lliked it. I guess I also know what you were doing the entirety of Sunday.

    Oh, and you might find this a good sign, too.

    The Wheel of Time TV Series Director is Uta Briesewitz – /Film
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