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The DooM Thread!

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    The DooM Thread!

    I've never made it any secret that I am a huge fan of this title. Of its history, of the people who first made it happen, and then the incredible revitalization of the title by the people at id back in 2016.

    I'd like to make this thread an homage to DooM.

    If you have or find anything of interest, from all the way back in 1993 to now, be it game clips, photos, screenshots or what have you, then post it here. This will be's "Museum of DooM" and an outlet for the people who love it. People like me.

    I'll start us off with a video I just found. Check it out. It delves into DooM's past and then brings up to the here and now, with the incredible work the studio is engaged in in the present.

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    Aww yeah NoClip does some of the best gaming documentaries out there. I posted one of their videos a while back about the Quake series.

    Anyway, this thread gives me a chance to post this here.

    A Visit to id Software (November 1993). This is candid footage from back in the day.

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