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The blank Slate approach in Hc Svnt Dracones

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    The blank Slate approach in Hc Svnt Dracones

    Hello there! In pondering what to share here, I felt a place to start good enough as any would be one of the things that appeal to me the most in the HSD Tabletop RPG.

    -A focus on your humanity, not the animal. (While still obviously looking animal like)

    -The blank slate, being devoid of pre-established expectations and roles commonly found in humanity today.

    -The combination of the two creates a focus on, "What makes you, you? With out anything else to tell you what that should or should not be."

    Reading along in the books, I am presented with a surprising number of morally complicated concepts. Small segments explode into questions and conversations and taking a moment to engage those after stepping back from my human experiences and general programming is challenging. But it made me stop and think, and I liked that.

    Games like Shadowrun and Dungeons and dragons, while still cool and fun, are still strongly grounded in human and how we already perceive what that is to be.

    HSD was the first one to ask me, "What are you at your core, and what would life be like if that's all any of us had to go on?"

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    This has me curious then. How do animal traits play into the game? It's very difficult to come up with a system that lets players really express who they want to be.

    Aside from that though, I've learned over the years that you need to be true to what you are at your core. Once we can understand that, that's when real growth happens.
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      Yeah, being true to ones self is pretty key to me.

      I would like to say again though that, its not about finding your inner animal as much as it is, physical animal traits on a human base. It is explained allot better in the books. I would recommend Sound and Silence firstly, and then holding off for 2.0 set to release in a couple months for the game rules and short versions of the lore. It's all a good read with or with out playing.

      I can say that allot of the defining things will be filled in by the player and how they feel the character should be.
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