There are two reasons I'm making this topic. First of all is to share one of my favourite graphic novels of all time (which is available for free, in full, online). The second is to share the Kickstarter currently being run for it to get Volume 2 printed. Because damn. I want Volume 2 printed.

Anyway, the comic is called The Property of Hate, and it's... not the easiest to describe. It's incredibly whimsical, intelligent, sinister, funny, artistic, imaginative and many other things all rolled into one. It's a classic 'Hero finds her way into a bizarre realm and has to save the day' story, except with a few twists. The hero, Hero (she doesn't remember her original name), doesn't so much find her way into the realm as much as is gangpressed into service, no one will tell her what she's there to do, and she's not the first Hero to try. We don't know what happened to the others. But given that the comic involves characters being torn apart and sewn back together with their own nerves, it's likely not pleasant.

Also, one of the main characters is an anthropomorphic British television with a magic cane. What more could you want?!

Find the full comic online here: The Property Of Hate: Volume 2 by Make That Thing —Kickstarter

And if you fall in love with it as quickly as I did, the Kickstarter for volume 2 is here: The Property Of Hate: Volume 2 by Make That Thing —Kickstarter

It's incredibly close to succeeding, but only has 2 days left.

Regardless of whether or not you chip in to the Kickstarter, let me know what you think about the comic! I'll be astounded if anyone isn't a fan after the first 10 pages!