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[E3.2018] Fallout 76

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    [E3.2018] Fallout 76

    A look at Fallout 76. Possibly more of this game to be shown later tonight at Bethesda's own show.

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    I'm honestly not sure what to expect. Fallout 4 was a good game, but it strayed very far from the DNA of classic Fallout.

    Addendum: Having slept on it and talked it out with my boyfriend, I've think I got a better handle on my feelings. I'm cautiously excited because this kind of co-op world building survival game naturally appeals to me, and I did like the base building aspect of Fallout. A large co-op bethesda game is something I think a lot of people have wanted for years. And I'm (probably naively) hoping that Bethesda's work on getting a multiplayer game with a new render engine online has forced them to pay down on the massive technical debt that the gamebryo engine is known for.

    That being said, there's a lot of open questions like how the social aspect works, server quality/lag, and anti-griefing will look. I for one am pretty worried about the Nuclear Missiles being on the map. My base being overrun by Deathclaws and having to repair some damage? That's fine. My base being utterly decimated by assholes with a nuclear button? Really getting some Gmod public build server flashbacks with that. I'm hoping Bethesda has thought of that and has systems in place to keep that from happening, otherwise I don't see a point in building a large detailed base. We'd see plopped down camps with only the bare basics of gameplay related structures and no fluff, which would seem to kill the spirit of the game.

    At any rate, its definitely on my radar.... and comes out right around my birthday :3
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