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Games you're looking forward to or playing now?

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    Games you're looking forward to or playing now?

    So what SciFi games are you guys looking forward to or playing right now? I'm particularly looking forward to Doom Eternal later this year. I had thought about trying Anthem, but as cool as it looks, it seems like it's being geared to be one of those games that never really ends and wants you to spend all of your time playing. Maybe I'm old-school, but I do think games should have a beginning, middle, and end to them.

    I'm also intrigued by The Outer Worlds, but I'm hearing it may have survival elements in it. That sort of turns me off.

    The Outer Worlds

    Still, it is a witty and clever looking game, so who knows...

    Thoughts? Anything you folks are looking forward to or playing now?
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    Yeah, The Outer Worlds definitely appeals to me - although it is exactly my genre, so no surprises there.

    I'm toying with getting Sunless Skies (), the spiritual successor to Sunless Sea, which I adore. I know it'd be a time-sink for me, though, so I'm wary about that.

    Beyond that, I've still not played Darkwood or PREY which I got for Christmas, so I really need to give them a try at some point!


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      I'm looking forward to Outer Wilds (Outer Wilds), Subnautica: Below Zero (Subnautica: Below Zero), and Satisfactory (Satisfactory).

      A very long time ago I played the alpha of Outer Wilds (like, years ago, so it's gonna be quite different now) but there was just something about it I absolutely adored (and the spaceship flew very well, hard to explain what I really mean, it just felt perfect with a controller).

      As for Subnautica: Below Zero, I can't wait for it to be out of early access as then I'll play it (as I did with Subnautica; waited for the full release then played it). I absolutely loved the original Subnautica; everything about it was just perfect to me, and it's nice to have a scifi which takes place underwater. I don't know much about the next one other than the setting is in the arctic of some planet (I think it's the same planet but I don't actually know). All I know is I can't wait for it.

      And finally, Satisfactory looks like a satisfying game to play. :V It's Factorio but in 3D. I never really got into Factorio but I think had it been in 3D I would have enjoyed it much more; it's hard to really explain, but it's a similar reason as to why I never got into Terraria yet played so much Minecraft. Something about building in 3D is more satisfying to me than in 2D. Although I should give Factorio more of a chance as I haven't played much of it. But I do think I'd enjoy Satisfactory, although it ultimately depends on if there's any story (what kept me so engaged in Subnautica was the story, without it I would likely have gotten bored as soon as I built everything, as there'd be nothing left for me to work towards (as is what happens in Minecraft; but I'll be returning to Minecraft as they've added foxes :V)). Although Satisfactory is one I think I'm gonna wait awhile on before I decide to buy it or not, as I'll really have to see; but it looks fun from the gameplay I've seen, I just don't know how long it'd keep my interest is all.
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        For me, it's Monster Hunter World's Iceborn expansion that I'm looking forward to, though I definitely want to get Subnautica and its expansion.
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