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Bloodstained: RotN Impressions

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    Bloodstained: RotN Impressions

    After four years, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is finally out. Here's the trailer for it before I give some first impressions.

    With such a long development cycle, some people, myself included were worried that it might end up being a disaster. Well, I'm happy to report that the game that has come out today, is absolutely fantastic so far!

    First off, it's gorgeous. The art direction was something that people were iffy on, but as you may have seen in the trailer, Koji Igarashi and his team were willing to accept criticism and make changes. I have no doubt that this caused some of the delays, but I think it was worth it.

    The game is also super smooth, with vivid colours and healthy use of contrasting elements. The control is tight and responsive, and Myriam feels really good to control.

    Also, Michiru Yamane is absolutely on fire with her composition this time out. It's a soundtrack with a wonderful mix of modern, gothic, and retro stylings.

    I haven't gotten too far in yet, but I just wanted to share initial thoughts. I don't know if they'll change as I get further, but for now, this seems like one Kickstarter that worked out.
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    I'll need to see about checking this out. Might be a while, though; I'll need to scrape together enough cash.
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