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    It looks like it's scheduled for release in 2020. Here's the IMDb page for it.

    Are you guys looking forward to it? I know I am. I enjoyed the first one immensely. A lot of people said that it was a somewhat quaint story and that James Cameron could have done a lot better with it, but I have to ask all of the naysayers, that up until that time, had there ever been a more visually striking science-fiction movie?

    I mean let's face it. Up until Avatar's release, everybody thought of scifi as little more than spaceships, robots and future tech. Some of the movies in these genres were good, some great even, but they all lacked the one thing that Avatar had. Seriously, if you think about it, how many movies of its day brought to life some of the more fantastic cover artwork that has appeared on some of science-fiction's best novels down through the decades? Very few. So few that not one comes readily to mind as I write this. People riding fantastical dragons from a cliff face over crashing ocean waves. Images of a truly colossal tree. Alien creatures of true alien beauty. And the list could go on and on - the movie is just chock full of this wonderful imagery.

    So, you up for more? In 2020, we're going to be getting more. And so, are you looking forward to it? I certainly am, for sure.
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    I watched the original (in 3D) when it came out. It was incredible from a visual standpoint, and I greatly enjoyed it (despite walking out of the cinema with a mild headache).

    Admittedly, when looking back at it, there are some plot holes, but it does tell a pretty fascinating story once you get down to it.

    I'm looking forward to this, and seeing the direction the story gets taken.
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