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    Let's Rate the MCU

    I thought that this might be a fun topic of discussion and debate. I propose that we propose our top Marvel movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I'll go ahead and start us off.

    1. Avengers: Infinity War - Well, what's there to say? This was one of the best Marvel movies I've ever seen. Great characters, a ton of action, and t makes you ask yourself some very tough questions. It's definitely my top pick.
    2. Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 1 - This movie turned out to be way, way, way better than it had any right to be. James Gunn brought the comics to life and imbue the movie with a sense of style. It had a giant tree, an anthro raccoon, and a walkman. I mean, what's not to love?
    3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The first Captain America was pretty good, but this one was far better. There was a darker feel to it and it touched on some pretty potent subjects. Plus it had The Falcon so that automatically makes it awesome.
    4. Black Panther - This one took me a little while to warm up to, but I did. The whole tribal vibe of the movie just worked for me. I enjoyed the action and the battles, but I think the message that you can't withdraw from the world was what sold me.
    5. Deadpool - Dark. Gritty. Funny. This wasn't a typical superhero movie, it's a self-aware 4th wall breaking ride that I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Okay, you guys can ask questions or comment on my list, or share your own!
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