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    Captain Marvel's official website

    Captain Marvel's Official Website Will Return You to the 1990s

    Carol Danvers has a Geocities webpage and it’s exactly as loud and wonderfully tacky as you think it is.

    While Carol Danvers might be the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel takes place in the 1990s, which is quickly becoming a period of time we can refer to as the distant past. If you were into geeky things in the ’90s, you spent more than your fair share of time reading and making horrendously-designed fansites featuring all manner of low-resolution gifs and jarring background music.
    Here's the site proper: Link

    ...and what a sight it is.
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    That right there, is a thing of beauty.
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      Haha, okay, I'm still not all that fussed about the Captain Marvel film, but I very much appreciate stuff like this. It certainly looks like one that won't take itself too seriously.