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    So as of a few months ago, I have a new contender for favourite cartoon: Hilda!

    It's utterly adorable, whimsical and clever, and even though it's aimed at kids, it doesn't dumb itself down. It's essentially a world where Scandinavian folklore is all real, so trolls and elves and so on are just facts of modern life that people have to deal with. The protagonist, Hilda, is a kid who's grown up on the edge of the wilderness, so she's far more open to dealing with the supernatural than her city-dwelling friends/school etc.

    This is the moment I fell in love with the show, and introduces my favourite minor character, Woodman.

    Plus, Daryn, there's a fun anthro-bird character who becomes rather important. I won't spoil anything, but here is one of his first scenes.

    You can find Hilda on Netflix if you're interested! Give it a couple of episodes and let me know what you all think
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    Oh? An anthro bird you say? Well, I'll add that one to my list on Netflix, then!
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      Excellent, if you do watch it, let me know what you think!


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        Hilda is really good 'w' (I like the lil foxdeer ;o; )
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