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Potential for 3D printing of high-performance alloys opened

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    Potential for 3D printing of high-performance alloys opened

    HRL Laboratories | News | Metallurgy Breakthrough: HRL Engineers 3D Print High-Strength Aluminum, Solve Ages-Old Welding Problem Using Nanoparticles

    MALIBU, Calif. Sept 20, 2017— HRL Laboratories, LLC, has made a breakthrough in metallurgy with the announcement that researchers at the famous facility have developed a technique for successfully 3D printing high-strength aluminum alloys—including types Al7075 and Al6061—that opens the door to additive manufacturing of engineering-relevant alloys. These alloys are very desirable for aircraft and automobile parts and have been among thousands that were not amenable to additive manufacturing—3D printing—a difficulty that has been solved by the HRL researchers. An added benefit is that their method can be applied to additional alloy families such as high-strength steels and nickel-based superalloys difficult to process currently in additive manufacturing.

    "We're using a 70-year-old nucleation theory to solve a 100-year-old problem with a 21st century machine," said Hunter Martin, who co-led the team with Brennan Yahata. Both are engineers in the HRL's Sensors and Materials Laboratory and PhD students at University of California, Santa Barbara studying with Professor Tresa Pollock, a co-author on the study. Their paper 3D printing of high-strength aluminum alloys was published in the September 21, 2017 issue of Nature.

    For those unfamiliar with superalloys: Superalloy - Wikipedia
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