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Feels like cyborgs are getting closer

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    Feels like cyborgs are getting closer

    The $1 Billion Company That’s Building Wearable AI For Blind People

    Retired U.S. Air Force officer Stephen Hamilton had seven failed corneal transplants and 18 surgeries before he finally accepted that he was going to lose his vision. Once he went blind, he was forced to retired from his job as a network engineer and architect.

    While he was participating in a months-long training session designed to help low-vision and blind veterans learn how to navigate the world at the VA in Reno, Nevada, Hamilton had the chance to try out a small device that was supposed to help him read again. The wearable, called the OrCam MyEye, attached to his eyeglasses, and when he used his finger to point to a piece of printed text–a sign, the page of a book, a newspaper, a restaurant menu–it would use deep learning to parse the language and read it aloud to him via a tiny speaker.

    Even though Hamilton is fully blind, he convinced the VA that he would be able to use the MyEye, which is primarily designed for people with low vision. On his first trip back to his room at the center, he stopped in front of his door (he knew where it was because he had learned to time how long it took to get there) and pointed at the sign. “Stephen Hamilton,” the device said to him. “I started to cry because I realized it was quite possible I was going to have some independence,” Hamilton says.

    Now, Hamilton doesn’t go anywhere without the device.
    And there you have it. Emphasis mine to point out the fact that a human's survival has become dependent on an AI system.
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    Imagine what would happen if our OCs became androids. Just imagine that.