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high tech, low population

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    high tech, low population

    a combination i see too seldom considered. and one to my mind the best of all possible, even though, the ways it might happen might be a bit dramatic.
    but then dramatic i've heard said, makes for good story telling, or at least it seems to be popular in doing so.

    big impact on population from environment seems likely if no inevitable. even the extinction of existing humanity in a hundred years of less is not beyond consideration of course,

    but a drastic reduction in human population, or human descendent population, need not be a complete colapse or abondonment of techonological evolution.
    just a big speed bump.

    and this need not involve wars or any of that kind of scenario, though that's an obvious cheep drama, but famine and disease, slow and painful,
    with maybe the only surviving ofspring being drastically mutated, of the furry variety perhaps.

    and i think most of us know the likely course of events,
    but after the population is reduced by whatever means, take up from there, in a renewed environment, without universal luditism of the survivors in their scattered tiny villages is the sciffy world setting that appeals to me, that too seldom, almost never, have i seen.

    i'm suggesting there's good opportunity there. rich ruins to explore, abundant in relation to population, with still danger and even more superstition lurking in them perhaps,
    but people aren't dumb down by numbers being reduced, and advantages of some tech widely seen while of course much of today that is bringing that colapse about not forgotten either.
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    its not what stands or falls, but what its replaced by or evolves into, that we actually have to live with.
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    It's an interesting scenario you're proposing, there. Technologically advanced pockets of society could work, provided that you account for there is a way for those people to retain the knowledge on how to make that technology. That's the biggest thing about the regression scenario that a lot of people write about. Nobody remembers how to make all the cool stuff, and the resources to make it are no longer easily attainable.

    If you can get those details down, then a smaller society that's technologically advanced could definitely work.
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      This kind of stuff definitely appeals to my post-apoc interests! I tend to enjoy the contrast where the surface society reverts to a kind of medieval social structure but enclaves of technological advancement still exist dotted around. I always enjoyed Fallout's approach to that, although plenty of others exist, of course. A Boy and His Dog is another good example, as is - to some extent - Tankgirl. Both also tick the "mutated anthro" box, with psychic dogs and mutated kangaroos respectively.

      In terms of the population issue, the short-lived British conspiracy thriller Utopia did a great job of exploring that. The big baddies essentially want to save the human race by reducing it significantly, therefore preventing famine, drought, disease etc.