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What are some good examples of "mid" future tech?

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    What are some good examples of "mid" future tech?

    What inventions are not so doable like a jetpack or bionic contact lense which are right around the corner but aren't completely super-advanced and beyond the human ability like FTL travel or a Dyson sphere. Basically what are some middle-future inventions as opposed to near-future and far-future. 10 would be great

    Interesting topic! And you'd like a list? Is this for a project or something, like a story you're writing?

    I'm afraid I'm not the best with things like this, but I might be able to come up with a few. However, I wonder if you're after technologies that have become everyday or that have worked in futuristic lab settings. That is to say, automated cars are a present-day technology, but a futuristic everyday technology - we're still years, maybe decades away from our roads being commonly populated by automatic vehicles. One day, it's likely every vehicle will be, and our entire road systems will change to account for that.

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      Yeah it's for a constant ongoing project of me collecting ideas for what I hope will someday be a story.


        Maybe this?

        Potential for 3D printing of high-performance alloys opened - Community Forums
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