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    You brought all of this up like, a year ago. Why is it still an issue for you? Do you want to put yourself in places where people abuse you? Do you? It sure sounds like you do!

    I'm going to tell you a little story.

    A fox needed to cross a river to get to his family. The river was too fast though, for him to try it by himself.

    A crocodile saw this and said he could help. "You can ride on my back. I will bring you across."

    "But you'll eat me!" cried the fox!

    "I won't. I promise," replied the crocodile.

    So the fox climbed aboard. Halfway across the river, though, the crocodile grabbed the fox in his jaws and proceeded to eat him.

    "But you said you wouldn't!" cried the fox.

    "Sorry. It is in my nature."

    People who congregate in groups like these, are like the crocodile. These groups themselves are like the crocodile. They may offer you something, but in the end, you will be eaten by them. So just avoid them. Stay away from them and stop going to them.


    Alright, Lyon?

    I mean it's not rocket science we're talking about here. If going to these groups is hurting you, then just stop going to them.
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      This post isn't about me.

      I never stated I am - or was - going back over there. It's done chapter of my life.

      I just heard - because I logged Skype after a longer time and someone noted me - that Bret/Vandread left that place and ultimately lost the fight against that community after fighting with it for two years since "furry ban" and thought it would be sharing in here.

      What I wanted to state is just the fact he simply refuses to even contact with anyone - and I feel sickly bad because of that.

      Me being there? Hell no. Even if they gave me million dollars.
      Okay, maybe for a brief moment just go get these money then leave day after.


        I'm with Rick on this one. Even if you're not going back yourself, you're concerning yourself with the goings-on there. You're seeing it as sad when other people leave. Don't. Leaving that place seems like the healthy thing to do. Good on your friend for leaving.

        It's good that you're not thinking of going back, but if you're checking who is still there and who has left and why they left, then you've not really left there, have you? Not entirely.

        If I were you, I'd completely blank the whole place and act as though it doesn't exist. And that includes rumours or news you come across about the place.
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          It was not about Discovery. It was more about the guy who totally nullified any contact with anyone, including me. It was just... sad. I have his FA as well, but never got his response since then. It was utterly sudden. And broke my heart.

          And I already stated I got message from Skype, not the forums.

          @LyonDontCare on Telegram. I need someone to chat with.