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    Starting Anew

    It's something I've been thinking about for a longer time. To start from a total scratch, to trash all the stuff I've written, drew or got so far. To sell old commissions to someone else and start new. I am not sure why I am trying to write here. But I feel empty, like never before. I feel empty after I made myself empty before. I don't know. It's not the mental stuff, but sort of close-minded burden deep inside me. You could see that on the forums, lack of being open to new ideas, truly devoid of the ideas I had. Remember Codyverse? I wrote nothing. I failed with everything I wanted to achieve. I'm like... broken inside. But I see no other means to do that.
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    Hang in there, Lyon. There comes a point where we all have to re-evaluate things. To decide whether or not things are truly important to us. I can't make those decisions for you, but I can give you this bit of advice. Everything that you have done, written, drawn, comissioned, there's a little bit of you in each and every piece. Getting rid of it all would be akin to tearing out a part of yourself. It's important though, to look at those things not as failures, but as lessons learned. All of that got you to where you are and helped shape you. Getting rid of them won't change that. Instead, take those feelings as a sign that change is coming. Learn from your past experiences, acknowledge your flaws, and take the difficult step to move forward.

    Be well, Lyon.
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      It sounds like you're going through a lot right now. My advice would be not to fully delete the stuff you're planning on setting aside. A fresh start can be a great idea, and it might pull you out of what seems like a rut that you're currently in, but you might regret deleting some of this stuff further down the line. Archive it somewhere, so you can come back to it if you change your mind, but don't have to engage with it until then.

      And crucially, remember that our achievements are not linear things, some tick box to complete like in a game. You say you failed to write anything for Codyverse. That doesn't mean you're a failure, and it doesn't mean you'll never manage it. So you didn't achieve what you wanted this time. That's okay. Learn from this experience, and build on it to achieve next time. You could still write for Codyverse, or for another project you may come up with in the future. Nothing is over.


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        I sometimes feel like that, but I keep at it. Someday I hope to succeed. So yeah, just hang in there and never stop trying!
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