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My Absence As of Late

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    My Absence As of Late

    Hi, everybody.

    You all have probably been noticing that I haven't been participating too much here as of late. It is because I have been dealing with some pretty messed up life issues.

    Specifically: part of my truck failed. When it did, it damaged something else.

    That was three weeks ago from the day of this posting.

    I am just now getting moved over into a different truck. Then from there, I have to bring that different truck across country to turn it in. Where they are supposedly going to give me a brand new truck again. Yeah, the one they switched me into was one that they'd sold. So it's an older truck. And I had been given a brand new one - had pretty much always been given new ones, once these guys figured out the kind of driver I was.

    But yeh, anyway, it's been an ordeal. But I'm finally reaching the end of the tunnel. That being the case, which I greatly hope will be, you all should start seeing a lot more of me here very soon.

    Thanks a lot, everybody.
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    I'm really glad this is finally coming to a close. A few day of downtime while they fix your truck is one thing, but that stretching to 3 weeks can drive a guy crazy. *hugs*
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      Oh damn, that sounds like one hell of a pain! As Daryn says, I'm glad it's coming to a close now! You'll have to share an image of this new truck when you get it!


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        Sorry to hear that the problem has taken so long to fix, but I'm glad things are getting better. I can't wait to talk with you more!


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          Sorry to hear! hope it get's better!