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    Orbona, Doomed Orbital FAQ!

    Belenos and Orbona information.

    In this RP you are one of 2500 selected astronauts that will go on a one way trip to re-establish contact with the lost Orbital Ring World Orbona.

    What is my home planet?

    Terra, orbiting Sol, is the only habitable and currently populated planet in this universe. It has more landmass compared to our own Earth and has vast plains.
    On Terra there are currently three governing bodies that have declared a world peace which has been upheld for over two centuries.

    The Eastern Alliance consists of what we would call Asia and Oceania.
    The Western Might is Europe and the Americas.
    The Global Acceptance Movement, previously known as the liberation front, is a collection of smaller countries that were tired of being trodden upon.
    Together they formed the CBA, Coalition for the Betterment of All.

    What species are on Terra?

    Terra, being the only inhabited planet, is home to all the species that will be played in this RP! This means canine, feline, lizards, equine, vulpine etc. Both prey and predator are available but no birds or dragons. Mammals mostly with lizards having a slightly lesser percentage of the overall population.
    Also no aquatic beings!
    Every species has four limbs, a head, opposable thumbs and tend to have human like feet, though some do have more animalistic builds about them. Extendable claws, where present, are a thing. Tails are of course there!

    Is it truly world peace?

    In name, yes. In Practice? No.
    There are always people who will resist because they are not the ones in charge or who want personal gain. There tend to be skirmishes with countries that defy the CBA and some terror cells.

    What is the tech level?

    Aside from the massive ringworld Orbona, not that fantastical! There are no force fields, laser weapons, artificial gravity, sentient AI or FTL travel. The ship that transports the Belenos and the crew to Orbona is constructed in a large space station that is tethered to Terra with a space elevator.
    Screens are touch sensitive and have a very high resolution to the point of almost perfect realism. Smart phones and other smart devices are very common and the battery life is measured in weeks.
    There are robotic prosthetics for the disabled and small brain and spine implants to correct defects or injuries. Nano Surgery and complex brain surgery has become common place.
    The robotic prosthetics can feel annoying and require maintenance. Therefore no one sane would willingly hack off an arm just to get a replacement.

    The common vehicles for this mission are electric and solar panel versions of tanks, jeeps, ATVs and propellor planes that reach up to 900 Kph. I checked this on wiki and race planes go easily to 850 kph these days so I imagine in the future they book it to just up against the sound barrier.
    Data storage is in the petabytes, even smart phones and other personal devices having terabytes of storage and processors fast enough to access such amounts without much of a delay. Voice command is pretty much flawless unless you go and do your best impression of a drunk scot trying to speak spanish.
    Eye glasses are not needed due to eye surgery and social welfare and healthcare but you will see people walk around with them because Augmented Reality has taken off. People will walk around with a HUD and will be assisted in their jobs with these kinds of AR glasses.

    What are the vehicles aboard the Belenos?

    I shall start with the available ground vehicles.

    -Scout Tumbler.
    This six wheel drive scouting vehicle seats up to six people. It uses wheels, not threads, that each works with an independent electric motor and suspension system. It has great ground clearance and its bulky design means it is very sturdy. It has one remote operatable turret for defense and comes with a whole slew of radar and other sensors. Because of its suite of electronics it is a little cramped inside. The cockpit seats three, including driver. Its top speed is 180 Kph. It is armored.

    -All Terrain Motorcycle.
    Says it in the name really. Very swift bike that can have a sidecar with machine gun attached to it.

    - ATV
    4 wheeled quad bike. Seats two at most.

    Its a jeep... if a bit more sturdy. Think more hummer v2 than the willis jeep. Tends to be what the Admiral would drive in if they had to go somewhere for diplomacy things.

    -All purpose threaded vehicle.
    Also known as a tank! The tanks aboard the Belenos all use the same base body. A four threaded tank, each wheel able to maneuver on its own, these light weight tanks can go over almost any surface with relative ease. They can be converted from one spec to another in the hangar of the land ship. There is the APC (seats 15, including driver), the AA variant and then the Gunship.
    The Gunship has a single barrel rail gun as well as various outward facing machine guns. Each tank, no matter the variant, requires a driver and gunner at the very least but there is no need for a loader. Since it uses coils and magnets to fire projectiles there is no ammo to blow up and electrical engines means no fuel tank to pierce.

    Now the aircraft, the actual force of the Belenos.

    - VT6-F
    The Vector Thrust 4 Engine Fighter is a single body, two pilot fighter that looks like a smooth, single wing with an egg shape in the middle with 6 turbofan engines that flow over the flaps, allowing the thrust to be redirected. This helps it with take off and turning as well as sudden changes of direction. Top speed, 900 Kph.
    2x 3 barreled forward mounted miniguns
    2x 22 mm wing mounted Railcannon.
    2x heatseeker missile
    4x Anti Armor/ Anti Structure rockets.
    2x 16 'micro' rockets.
    Standard Electronic Warfare System.

    - Twin CP Recon "Eagle"
    This larger twin turbo prop engine plane is stuffed to the brim with electronics and its signature look is the big flat disc on its back as well as its contra-rotating propellers. It requires a crew of three to fly, pilot, co pilot and on board technician, but then the forward, side and rear mounted turrets would be controlled by an AI. It can carry up to 10 people on board as well as Air to Surface drop markers. Small guided rockets with a sensor ping marker. Aside from the turrets and a set of flares it uses its electronic suite to stay hidden from radar and its high cruising altitude to avoid ground detection.

    Socialism? Healthcare? What about vices!?

    Oh yeah, we still do drugs and alcohol in this setting. The issue is that there is no recreational alcohol on this mission... At least not until someone starts a distillery for it at a later point. It IS a humanitarian rescue mission basically...
    But yes, Alcohol, light drugs and stims are a thing. Some are allowed, like lighter alcoholic drinks, and others have been outlawed, like the meth and bathsalt sides of drugs... Makes sense no?

    What about the GUNS!?

    Coilguns, and the battery power needed to operate them, have been perfected down to handgun sizes. Compared to the standard handgun they have higher capacity, higher power, are lighter and have almost no kickback making them very easy to use. The lack of any real moving parts in the firing mechanism means there is no fear of sand, dirt or water blocking any mechanism.

    Railguns, firing Sabots, are the standard 'cannons' of this setting. Some of the planes and tanks aboard the Belenos use these. The rest tends to be more coilguns, some multibarrel for high speed fire.
    Railrifles are NOT a thing... at least not on the Terran tech side of things... So rifles also use coil tech. They are known as Guass rifles. Fast, barely any kickback, magazines with 50 bullets and no need for an ejector, since there is no casing. They use magnetic or ferromagnetic projectiles, depending on the ammo type.
    Orbona and Terra have been separated for a hundred and fifty years, roughly, so technology has split a bit. Who knows what you will find out there in the wastes?

    As for personnel armor. Kevlar and nano woven materials mostly. This means your standard bullet resistant uniform also protects joints without losing flexibility. Just don't do jumping in front of high velocity shots... Helmets and their visors are designed to take a bullet and then be replaced, even if it is a glancing shot. Just for safety. They can easily stop low calibre shots but boy will your ears be ringing.

    What are the ranks aboard?

    They are the officer ranks of the US armed forces. Airforce, Army and Navy in particular. In this case the Navy controls the Landship.
    On the left upper arm of the standard and division uniforms is the emblem of the Belenos Mission that you see above this FAQ. On the right arm is another triangle like it but with the rank and color of the division.

    Black with 5 silver stars. Admiral. Only the admiral has the five stars since he is Admiral, General of the Army and General of the Airforce AND mission commander all at once. That doesn't mean he's doing all the commanding alone, he just has the right to counter orders given by the generals below him.
    Black, Navy. This is anyone who helps 'move' the Belenos.
    Blue, Airforce. This may include specialized technicians.
    Red, Army. Includes tank commanders and drivers.
    Green. Medical. These guy's uniform actually looks different because they do not have orange highlights but green ones and have a biiiig green cross on their back and one on their chest pocket.
    Yellow, Non military technicians.
    White. Sciences and Cooks. These are the non combative people aboard the Belenos and their right arm insignia tends to be what they do. Lil flask for sciences, chef hat for food etc.

    You also have pins on the collar of your uniform.
    The difference between the standard white uniform and the division uniform is that the division one isn't white and orange and is more designed to suit the needs of the division. So army tends to be camo with less pockets but heavier cloth and sturdier build. Airforce has a bunch of loops on it to attach the parachute and other equipment... You get the idea.

    Wait, the ranks don't make sense...

    Correct you are! That is because the Belenos only has a total crew of 2500 people. That sounds like much but that is the armed forces, Airforce, navy, sciences and technicians all together. Remove the crew needed to run the Belenos day and night and you already lost 300 minimum. So, here is a more detailed look of how the Squads and Wings work.

    Admiral is always at the top and is the one who gives out the missions.

    Armed Forces.
    Major. At the top of the food chain is the Major. Yes, not a general, a Major. He decides who goes in a Squad when doing sortie.

    Squad Leader. Captain.
    Squad Secondary Officer. Lieutenant. Yes, just Lt. Not first or second.
    Squad Specialist.
    Squad Soldiers. These are Privates.

    The General is the Admiral.
    Wing Commander, Captain.
    Wing Secondary Officer. Lt
    Wing Airmen.

    Due to there being only one 'ship' the Bridge officers and bridge personnel stand in for the brigadier generals and strategic aids for ALL divisions. Think of it as star trek or Stargate SG-1. With limited crew comes multitasking.
    Also... like in star trek, high ranking crew may at times also go out of the ship. Not the Admiral but others may.

    Squads, the ground troops, can use the available vehicles in the Belenos' belly when requested or ordered to be used by the Admiral.
    We're playing a bit quick and loose with military rules here. We don't have the crew for dedicated drivers.

    Scouting Party.
    There are two scouting parties. One in the air and one on the ground.

    Ground Forward Scouts.
    This group is a two to three man group that uses a specialized scout vehicle. A six wheeled armored personnel carrier equipped with sensors and unmanned mapping drones as well as a remote operable defense turret. As in, the person doesn't have to stick their head out to shoot it, it uses a controller and screen.

    Recon Wing.

    This is a twin engine radar and mapping plane that has electronic camouflage, requires a crew of 3 to operate and has a very high capacity battery.

    What does the Belenos look like?

    Like this!

    What IS the Belenos?

    It is a Mobile Command Vehicle that should have doubled as a defendable temporary staying place for the crew before finding new homes on Orbona but now it is their one lifeline. It is colored white with orange stripes to stand out among almost any landscape. Kinda like the white tanks from the red cross. Shooting at a CBA vehicle engaging in humanitarian action is a war crime and back on Terra they hoped that that would still fly.
    Don't worry, the tanks and planes will have camo.
    It is, as you can see in the picture, a massive land ship on treads.

    What is Orbona?

    Orbona is a Banks Orbital (think Halo) around the star Saulé where things have gone wrong... Its once lush surface has dried out into arid landscapes.

    Can I... ?

    Ask me down below and thou shalt get an answer! I will also add the question to this post!

    How will the exploration work?

    I will describe the upcoming rooms and what you can find in them but then it is up to you to choose what to RP about. At the end of the explore post I will talk about various exits or ways to go. You then choose a way to go at the end of your RP post and I will explain the next set of rooms/encounters.

    Once a dangerous encounter happens or you find something shocking I will instead PM you or the person that finds it so you can reveal both it and how you reacted to it.

    Like with Arrata's post? I explained a whole lot about what Margas Could be seeing but it is up to him to react to it. Same with the statue. You can ignore it or talk about it.
    It's a bit hard to do a mystery RP where exploration is a big draw of the premise.

    You will not be teleported unless circumstance like something moving makes that happen. I will just detail and give out options.

    Where do I post my Character?

    Right here!
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    Orbona, Doomed Orbital FAQ
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    I think you missed one crucial thing about Terre, namely WHO inhabits the actual planet.


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      Terra is the home planet of all the races available to play in this RP. So, canine, vulpine, lizards... Many many species on one planet instead of each planet having one. It says that in the history on the first post in the RP but yeh, should have added that and I will! Right now!
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      Curio Valence Character Sheet

      Curio Valance Backstory

      Orbona, Doomed Orbital FAQ


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        Sorta sounds like a prologue to the universe that once I had with someone. But then it sounds like it would be pre-FTL era.

        Open ContentSPOILER
        It namely was a sci-fi version of one fantasy universe in which all the races - in the end - left the planet after exploting it and went to the stars. (Although the reason was a meteorite that scattered across the continents and on one hand hit the population but on the other hand brought a lot of elements that were supposed to be rare.)

        I like the idea, I'd be in if asked for... Although I'm afraid I'm busy with project and I'll be soon even busier with diploma paper.


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          I was thinking about a Snapping Turtle, what say you?

          Image below is the look I have in mind....minus the ninja look

          Click image for larger version

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            I hope your diploma goes well Gryphus and you can always join when you are available!
            That turtle is a nice idea and very welcome Sohdakin! I added to the FAQ where to post the characters.
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            Orbona, Doomed Orbital FAQ