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Recruiting for Orbona, A world on borrowed time!

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    Recruiting Recruiting for Orbona, A world on borrowed time!

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    Join the crew of the Belenos in its harrowing task of finding out what happened to the once utopian ring world of Orbona in this apocalyptic RP set in the not too distant future and see if you can survive the scorching sands, crazed survivors and unknown dangers of this arid hellscape you are now stuck on with only a small chance of rescue!
    Survive alongside your fellow crew, create bonds through the hardships or try to get ahead in life by abusing the needs of the people.

    An FAQ can be found here!
    Hope to see you aboard!
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    Curio Valence Character Sheet

    Curio Valance Backstory

    Orbona, Doomed Orbital FAQ
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    Blimey, what a fantastic and very thorough FAQ section!

    I've gone ahead and moved the two character profiles already made into the topic you requested characters be submitted to. Now that those players have a more thorough guide, though, I imagine they may wish to revisit them. Otherwise, everyone should be good to go