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The Abyssal and Communal RP Characters.

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    Recruiting The Abyssal and Communal RP Characters.

    Here will be the forum to post any and all characters that want to either be part of the Abyssal's crew or be a recurring character in the communal RP world that still does not have a name...

    A few guidelines and reminders!
    Characters have to be roughly humanoid.
    There are multiple origin planets and places.
    Only one third of the milky way galaxy is 'connected' to each other.
    Characters must be of age.
    No mythical characters or characters in charge of powerful armies. You can be a commander on some navy fleet but that navy will not listen to you if you want to take over a planet.

    You CAN however be a military character that is part of the wars or expansions going on in the universe! Just run it by me or write a post and then show me! It is collective universe building after all!

    No psychic or magical powers please. Is more a request than an outright ban on them. If you can keep it small and interesting it's fine but no Troy or Jedi.

    Please be sure to add to the post if they are part of the Abyssal crew!

    Status can be things like Lawless, outlaw, pirate, raider, mercenary, military, civilian etc.

    Happy writing!


    Have a template!






    Place of Birth:




    Possessions of Note:


    The other bit is optional.
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    Erna 'Glass-eye' Bartley. Abyssal Crew RP.


    Name: Erna Bartley

    Age: 34 Years

    Sex: Female

    Species: Yellow-bellied Weasel.

    Place of Birth: Core Sector, United Guilds of Commerce Station Icarus (abandoned)

    Status: Lawless, Captain of legally owned ship. Drifter.

    Description: Standing at five foot ten Erna does not have much of an imposing figure. Dark, almost black fur covers most of her but her belly, chest and chin are covered in a striking yellow fur. She is missing her left ear and eye, instead a cybernetic eye covers the empty socket out of which a lens can be seen. It never closes or moves but it is set deep into the socket making it seem as if she has a big marble instead of an eyeball. The skin around the implant is heavily scarred and she never seems to say what happened or makes up a new story. Her natural eye is mostly a dark brown with in the center a yellow ring.
    She wears dark canvas pants with a belt and a hip holster, some sturdy work boots, a black tanktop to hide most of her yellow fur (though she denies that) and a worn gray duster.
    Personality wise Erna is a realist and due to her long history of being pushed around a bit of a grumpy one at that. Suspicious about any well paying job and preparing for the worst to a fault it wouldn't be the first time that she single-handily blows the negotiations for a jobs pay by being too skeptical.
    She sees herself as a Den-Mother to the crew on her ship and somewhere inside her it gives her a joy that she furiously denies through passive aggressive means as well as more active badgering.

    Expertise: Erna is a surprisingly good pilot when it comes to commanding a large vessel and is decent when piloting anything from single seat ships to rover ground vehicles but excels at none in particular. She really is a Jack-of-all-trades and master of none.
    Her one particular skill is having an almost sixth sense to when it comes to finding jobs to keep her and her ship in the air.

    Possessions of Note: Erna's most beloved possession is of course the large black painted corvette she has named The Abyssal. Ever in need of small repairs and seriously overdue a new coat of paint it is non the less an impressive ship with surprising accommodations aboard as well as an arsenal of weapons large enough to defend itself.
    Along with the Abyssal she owns one single seated fighter craft that came with the ship that is more or less designed to let the captain go between a planet and the ship with more ease than bringing the Abyssal planetside. Another ship in the docking bay is the Raptor medium fighter and troop carrier but its weapon systems are in need of repairs.

    Her thin pistol that she carries around with her would be her only other possession of note though she is hard to spot without her coffee mug somewhere near her as well.
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      Name: Joshua Drake

      Age: 27


      Species:Lace Monitor

      Place of Birth: Core Sector, Free Worlds Union Station Sanctuary (conquered)

      Status:Lawless, legal owner of a modified F-223 “Saber” aerospace fighter, ex-mercenary

      Description: Tall and lean, with a striated grey and off-white colouration, with a blade scar beneath his right eye, and a scattering of minor shrapnel scarring.

      His right arm is a vicious-looking polymer-and-chrome cybernetic replacement, and he has a pair of retractable lenses that protect his eyes grafted to his skull. These were not installed voluntarily; discussion of their installation is a sore topic for him.

      Clothing-wise, he favours practicality, with camo-patterned denim pants, brown combat boots, a grey shirt, a military-style watch, and a fingerless glove on his natural hand. His only concessions to style are a simple cut-obsidian pendent, and a thick, warm black and blue longcoat. The coat is usually worn open, but belted at the waist, and a well-designed polymer holster is on the right side. He also often wears a custom-made headset that connects to his cybernetic “sunglasses”, which give him a distinctly draconic appearance.

      He tends to come across as world-weary despite his rather young age, and can be somewhat short-tempered. He is highly trained, however, and keeps a tight rein on his temper. He does have some survivor’s guilt, however, as he is the only survivor of his mercenary company. He lost his arm in the event that destroyed them, which is why the installation of its cybernetic replacement is such a sore subject.

      Expertise:Joshua is trained as a SCAR; a particular type of highly trained pilot who was also fully capable of fighting on foot. As such, he is a skilled small-craft pilot as well as a rifleman. He is also fully trained and certified in the operation of armoured exo-frames.

      This forms the majority of his skillset, however; he is competent but not particularly skilled at operating ground vehicles (about the level of the average civilian), and while he’s a competent gunner, he isn’t certified to pilot a large ship.

      Possessions of Note: His single most prized possession is also one of his primary tools of his previous trade, a modified “Saber” aerospace fighter. The sleek-lined fighter is designed to operate equally well both in and out of atmosphere, is fitted with internal munitions storage, is VTOL capable, and has a forward-swept wing configuration.

      He no longer owns his service weapon (as it was destroyed), but he managed to retain his sidearm, a rugged heavy pistol. Its grip bears some shrapnel scarring. He wears it in his holster at most times.

      Other: Not a member of the crew at the start of play.

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        Actor: Lyon

        Name: Saikun Riesata

        Age: 23 Standards Years

        Sex: Male

        Species: Sirian

        Place of Birth: New Singapore, Sirius System

        Status: Lawless (arrest warrant in Sol)

        Description: A relatively short (around 157 cm tall) male fennec-like with sand-yellow fur and originally brown eyes in his twenties. He has artificial eye and arm prosthesis. Several scars on his face clearly show the rough experience or a very fatal accident, what would explain the mechanical replacements of the original body pieces. His usual clothing consists of armless jacket, tidy shirt and a pair of combat camo pants. He also wears a pair of glasses on his nose.

        Saikun hails from a small Earth-like planet New Singapore in Sirius System. Due to humanity expansion around their own home system, one of the very first species they encountered was right under their noses - but they were way too far from reaching even indutrial age what would explain no response after decades after sending radio signals. Born under twin suns, The Sirians were quickly dominated by the humanity and their culture became extinct, replaced with the culture of Sol. They quickly adapted the fusion of Sino-Japanese lifestyle and culture as response to that.

        The fennec is sarcastic and cold thanks to xenophobia and outright inhumane treatment by humans - a very common practice towards 'his kind'. Additional medical examination might surface minor PTSD caused by a brief period of enslavement. Other than that - mentally stable. Caution: refrain from usage of a stun baton around him, its sound can cause panic. There is some unclear note about arrest warrant around Sol, but it is void anywhere else.

        He joined The Abyssal's crew only for his personal gain.

        Expertise: Saikun is a skilled bounty hunter with above average small starship pilotage and a gunslinger. Due to his short body however, he is easily to be dominated in CQC that consists of more than two foes.He knows Singlish, English and little Afrikaans as effect of living around The Frontier Sector.

        Possessions of Note: Two TH17P personal kinetic sidearms and "Tailung" - a modular Class-3 light assault starship produced by Kruger-Taisha Spacewright Company.