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    Recruiting Ordona, Doomed Orbital

    So it has started. The Orbital RP is up! Here I will ask you to make your character posts! I will also make an FAQ and questions topic somewhere!

    Your characters must be humanoid, as in a head and four limbs, and cannot fly or be mythical. They must be within the height and weight categories that are considered normal. So no 9 feet tall people, sorry.
    There are mild technological implants and, if requested and reviewed, perhaps even slight psychic activity among all the species of Terra. It is recommended to read the history of Terra, the first Ordona post, to select where you come from.

    Each of you is a specially selected astronaut with their own specialization from a large group of volunteers to go and re-establish contact with the lost Ordona, a Banks Orbital around Sualé.

    This is a one way mission. You are now considered an Orphan to the eyes of Terra.
    You are allowed some personal belongings and clothing but keep in mind that space aboard the Belenos is limited.
    Soldiers are mostly VR trained and have done mock battles on the great plains of Terra. This is mostly a science mission.

    The tech level is rather limited. There are no force fields or FTL, no gravity plating either. Guns use coil and rail technology and require clips that are a battery and 'pellets'. The Belenos is driven by a large nuclear reactor in the center that is perfectly safe unless pierced. The vehicles use high capacity batteries, solar panels and are electric.
    Smart phones, smart watches, augmented reality devices and such that are smaller than what we have today are the norm but they still use screens, not transparencies. The screens are very high definition.

    Standard gear anyone has.

    White overalls uniform.
    Division specific uniform.
    Several sets of light and heavy undergarments.
    Wrist worn HUD and communication display. This is like a double smart watch that monitors time, your base vitals like heartbeat and temperature, where you are, has a small map and connects wireless to any headsets or other telecommunication devices.
    Sidearm. 9mm Pellet Gauss Pistol. This light handgun has 21 low velocity anti personnel rounds per magazine. The battery is in the Magazine as well. The round is designed to spread out and thus doesn't penetrate an unarmored person. Any combat personnel has the 9mm 'heavy' Gauss Pistol available which uses 17 high velocity piercing rounds. The more powerful battery takes up space you see.

    Away team uniform fitted for division.

    One rectangular duffel bag of personal belongings.

    Ask for any special requisitions! Specialization related equipment like remote controlled drones will be provided, just ask first.

    A little more info for your first posts!
    This will be your first time in cryo sleep as deep space travel has only happened once before and that was the people that went to make Orbona.
    During Cryo sleep you aged a year over the span of nine years, biologically speaking! There are no restrooms aboard the Cocoon ship and the ones on the Belenos are designed to work only in gravity.
    Your intestines are currently filled with a foam like 'cake' that works as an acid suppressant and to prevent intestinal distress and damage during the cryo sleep. This is not a fun thing to wake up to... You will get a pouch of 'yogurt' that, over the course of 5 hours, will normalize your digestive system. Meaning you'll have to use the restroom about 3 hours after ringfall.

    Thanks! Hope you have fun!
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    Okay! Here is my character sheet!

    Name: Jeylyn Tumberlyn

    Nickname: Jey

    Gender: Male

    Age: 48

    Employment: Army Special Forces, Major, crossed trained for space-duty, was accepted for the mission based on skills and temperament. His role on the mission (pending GM approval) is ground-sortie operations commander

    Species description: Equinemorph

    Homeworld: (to be announced by GM)

    Physical appearance (inc. height, weight and build): Six-foot four inches. Broad of shoulder and extremely athletically fit. Fur/hair is sandstone brown with black accents – nose is black, eyes are very dark brown. Mane and tail are riverbed-mud brown. There is a cream-colored star on his forehead.

    Clothing: Mission-practical, ever and only.

    Items/Equipment: Customized assault rifle. An array of small, specialty martial arts weaponry. And a sword.

    Wealth: Middle class

    Personality: Quiet, extremely reserved, but completely dedicated to the mission and his shipmates.

    Relationships: A few friends, which he rarely discusses

    Family: None

    Religion: Epona

    Power/s: None

    Criminal record: None

    Medical record: None

    Most defining moment from their past: The more notable moments in his past are from when he was on highly classified missions. These may become revealed during the course of the roleplay.

    History: (Specify preferred length)

    Other/Misc information: He has three tattoos. They are all branded into his hair, and inked into the skin. They are as follows:

    Left arm: A pair of dice, both showing one pip, with a stylized ribbon underneath. In the ribbon are the words ‘Snakes Eyes Are Mine’

    Right arm: A sword through the top of an especially long-fanged wolf’s skull. The sword’s point is sticking out through the bottom of the skull. Across the point is a ribbon. It reads ‘45th SOGF’

    Right side of the neck: A whip in mid crack, with a stylized burst design at the point of the whip’s crack.

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      Well, here's mine. I've got some things that I think will need GM approval; I can adjust if necessary.

      Name: Margras Stormflash


      Gender: Male

      Age: 24

      Employment: ROV pilot. Cross-trained in engineering and IT.

      Species description: Herpetomorph (Goanna)

      Homeworld: Terra

      Physical appearance (inc. height, weight and build): 190cm, 78 kg. Lithe and lean, with slate-grey scales and sea-green eyes. A tracery of blue circuit-pattern markings frame his eyes and run down his back to the tip of his tail.

      Clothing: His clothing tends towards the practical, with cargo pants, jeans, and jackets, favouring the colour blue, though his favourite piece of apparel is a longcoat, which he usually wears open but belted at the waist.

      Items/Equipment: An array of small remote vehicles, a multi-function ROV control rig, a multitool (concealed in his belt buckle), and a survival knife.

      Wealth: Middle-class

      Personality: Gentle and kind-hearted, but he doesn't trust easily. Around those he does trust, however, he becomes a bit of a goofball as he relaxes in their presence. He also has a sometimes-explosive temper, though he usually manages to restrain it. A gamer.

      Relationships: Has a few treasured friends. Not currently romantically involved, though he is looking.

      Family: Parents, sister, moderately large (if scattered) extended family.

      Religion: Silvana's Students (spiritualistic way similar to Buddhism)

      Power/s: Technopath (Near-instinctive understanding of technology and machinery)

      Criminal record: None

      Medical record: Broken arm and cracked wrist during childhood.

      Most defining moment from their past: The discovery of his Technopath abilities and talent for handling remotely-controlled vehicles when he received his first RC car at age six.

      History: (Specify preferred length)

      Other/Misc information: The circuitry markings are luminescent, and normally glow faintly when he’s awake. He can extinguish this light at will. They also don't glow when he is sleeping.

      A red-belt jujitsu practitioner.
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        Wow guys, wow.
        I'm super happy for the excitement and this weekend I'll make the proper forum... ehm... places... I'll put up more info, such as the home world and some history posts.

        As for psychic or technopath powers... Very very very mildly? This ... collection of species has been around so long that implants in the brain might be a thing but limited to assisted drive for a prosthetic or eye correction and so on. So technopath might be just a strange, almost supernatural understanding of technology. To the point that it can actually show up on a brain scan as activity but has not yet been duplicated. Things like photographic memory and so on that border the line between our current scientific knowledge and 'talent' considered supernatural.
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        Curio Valence Character Sheet

        Curio Valance Backstory

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          Haha, while I can't fault the enthusiasm (and some interesting characters there!) I think once Miqu has made the actual topic for his RP we'll need to move these posts over to that. Technically this is still a topic for throwing out vague RP ideas and seeing if they're worth hashing out like we did with this ringworld one!

          Also, Miqu might have some guidelines/limitations to take into account before finalising characters. Unless you talked it through with him somewhere else, in which case I'll shut up now XD

          EDIT - This serves me right for not refreshing the page for over an hour then choosing to reply! But the telepath issue is exactly the kind of thing I meant in my original comment, so I guess that's somewhat validating :p


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            Name: Tatsuka Kame

            Nickname: Pops

            Gender: Male

            Age: 35

            Employment: Engineer/Mechanic. His role on the mission (pending GM approval) he operates in Engineering and is one of the on-board mechanics.

            Species description: Turtlemorph (Snapping Turtle)

            Homeworld: (to be announced by GM)

            Physical appearance (inc. height, weight and build): 5'10"(180cm), 230lbs(105kg). Very muscular and broad. His back shell is semirounded, 1"(3cm)thick and his front chest plate is roughly 1/2"(1.5cm)thick. His leathery hide is a dark grey with brown mixed in, his back shell is a muddy brown color and his front chest plate is a desert tan.

            Clothing: You can usually see him in a pair of overall's over a pressure suit or flight suit, each pocket filled with various tools and dignostic equipment.

            Items/Equipment: Complete set of high-end tools and diagnostic equipment as well as a few custom specialty tools used in fabrication.

            Wealth: Middle class (Raised in upper class family)

            Personality: Jovial and outgoing. He doesn't like to sit still for too long and will often seek out things to do in order to quell his boredom.

            Relationships: None currently as he left everyone behind to go on this mission and knows he will make new friends with the crew.

            Family: Large Extended family who he is currently at odds with.

            Religion: He believes in Gods/Goddess's but claims no religion.

            Power/s: High Technical Proficiency/Affinity(Pending GM approval): He is able to observe physical machinery/technology and is able to understand how it works and how to fix it if broken.

            Criminal record: None

            Medical record: None

            Most defining moment from their past: Earning his Doctorate in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering before turning 30.

            History: Born into an affluent Eastern Alliance family, he did not fit the typical Kame mold and was often at odds with his family. He was never one for cushy life and did not mind getting his paws dirty. He was often found in the garage tinkering and taking apart various things he could get his paws on, just to see how they worked before putting it back together. When he was 9, he took apart one of the family cars, down to the last bolt. As he reassembled it, he even made a few improvements along the way. By the time he was 17, he already earned a degree in mechanical engineering before growing bored with school. Tatsuka, no longer wanting life handed to him on a silver plater, enlisted in the Eastern Alliance Marine corps, against his families wishes. It was there he honed his natural affinity with machines as well as discovering a fondness for military tech and a lifestyle that would forever change him.

            After two tours in the military service, he emerged a completely different turtle. Long gone was the quiet lanky boy that the Kame family knew. In his place was a much larger and more outgoing male that almost doubled his weight in pure muscle. It was from here that he went back to college and spent the next several years earning his two doctorates.

            It was from here that Tatsuka came across an article about the state of distress for Orbona and the preparation of the Belenos to re-establish contact. He used his contacts within the Eastern Alliance to get him on the crew that was working on getting the Belenos ready for its very important mission, it was a challenge that he could not pass up.

            Other/Misc information: What Tatsuka lacks in speed, he makes up in pure strength and fortitude.
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              Helena Suldani

              Hel, Sully, Dani, P.I.M.A..



              Western Might Armed Forces, Heavy Infantry., Career Soldier - Army Captain.

              Species description:
              Coytian (Coy-Shin) ((Coyote Anthromorph))


              Physical appearance (inc. height, weight and build):
              6'3", 280lbs., relatively broad and decently strong, has ruddy red fur as well as icy blue eyes. Close cut bobbed hair, tips colored silver.

              Standard Uniform of Terra's Western Might. Has a beret with Heavy Infantry symbols. Combat boots.

              1.Kevlar body armor (Standard issue)
              2. Combat helmet (With visor, can be sync'd with her exo to keep track of battery life)
              3. Wrist watch (Built in compass, tells time)
              4. Gauss Carbine (Shortened Barrel. 3 mags.)
              5. Fighting Knife (1.3' blade, serrated back.)
              6. Powered Exoskeleton (Solar based power supply, Heavy Shield mount on left armor plus Heavy Kevlar Fold-able shield, extendable Taser Baton (2.5ft) from right arm (powered by separate battery))
              7. Exo's Field-pack (Portable Solar Collector, Additional: Medical, Water and Rations. Lined with Kevlar in order to protect the valuable supplies within.)

              Lower-Middle class

              Boisterous, loud when its appropriate and generally fun loving.

              Other than a few partners from time to time, no one she's really tied down to.

              Has a pair of parents somewhere, but has since dropped contact with.

              She claims a more "Native American" ideology.


              Criminal record:

              Medical record:

              Most defining moment from their past:
              Whilst engaging Terrorists, shielded several dozen civilians with her armor which allowed there eventual evac from the front line at the time. (Refuses to comment on what happens after.)

              History: (Specify preferred length?)

              Other/Misc information:
              Has several "Tattoos" on her form:
              Right arm: Her name, and tag number.
              Left Arm: Symbol of her division which is a Medevil helmet with "14th Heavy Inf." placed on its form, which is then placed on a shield backdrop with "Never Back Down, Never surrender!" circling it.
              Her Right hip: Her blood type and race.
              Left hip: The flag and symbol for her nation; Western Might.


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       this still where character sheets are being posted up, or is it all getting rolled over to the FAQ thread..? I wasn't sure since I didn't see anything over there aside from the two posts
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                  Whelp, finally got it fleshed out, hopefully didn't take it overboard

                  Name - Italy Summers

                  Nickname - Hacker Alias; The_Fenk

                  Gender - Female

                  Age - 28

                  Employment - Security and Digital Infiltration Contractor (Civilian, non-military ranked)

                  Species Description - Fennec Fox

                  Homeward - Terra

                  Physical Appearance - Short. Very short really, She comes it at barely 4’, almost 5’ if her ears are included in the measurement, and 98lbs soaking wet. She has a small, very light build about her. She has bright, vibrant goldenrod fur, and almost shockingly red hair, tied back in a long pony tail, long bangs, and a pair of braids down either side of her face reaching down nearly to her collarbone, tied off with a trio of purple beads. up her chest and under her chin is a creamer variation of the color, along with ‘gloves’, ‘boots’, and her inner ear fluff. She has three stud piercings up her left ear, and a pair of bars going through the right, one bar white gold colorations, and the other a black, almost gunmetal blue, with all three of the studs being a very dark blue in color. Her eyes are a heterochromatic Ice blue to the right, and sharp gold to the left. She has multiple LED implants that are rigged up to respond to various stimuli, fingertips that light up when she taps on a virtual keyboard, a series of dotted lights under her left eye that ‘supposedly’ change colors with her mood (though it has yet to do so other than erratic changes), a ‘glowing’ tribal styled tattoo under her fur on her left shoulder, as well as a few hidden beneath her usual clothing along her chest and neck. All of which can be turned off at a gesture with the RFID’s implanted in her hands.

                  Normal / Off-duty Clothing - T-shirt, Hoodie and Jeans are her normal attire, with variations made for temperature conditions.

                  Items/Equipment -
                  - ‘Hackers Headset’ (single lens headset that interfaces with a few of her gadgets, and provides an interface with various devices she’s either hacking into, or just accessing through the single AR lens)
                  - 6” Pocket Knife
                  - 9mm Pellet Gauss Pistol (Two extra carried Mags)
                  - Handful of little gadgets and screens she always carries for ease of access
                  - Portable power cells x2 (For entry to areas with lack of power running, imagined to be roughly the size of a 64oz water bottle)

                  Wealth - Social Elite

                  Personality - Clever and rebellious by nature, she’s good hearted and generally means well, though with her past experiences, she’s slow to trust

                  Relationships - No known relationships on record

                  Family - Parents, and two older sisters, none of which she’s spoken with in person in years.

                  Religion - Claims something akin to following ‘The Religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’ (Read; Non-religious)

                  Criminal Record - Multiple accounts of Cyber crime activity, to include corporate and renegade hacking and espionage, data-mining and accessing of confidential records.

                  Medical Record - Numerous body mods on record, handful of RFID control chips, data storage implants, and cosmetic work

                  Most Defining moment - What she claims to be her most defining moment, is the time she was able to hack what the community had deemed ‘unhackable’, and got into the government security files…she still considers it her best, even if she was apprehended for it and ended up as a government contractor as a result

                  History - Born as the third child to a high class family, pushed off into the background more often than not, she started doing her own thing, rejecting the high class lifestyle of the social elite, the nameless faces and the boring political jargon and dress up routines they were expected to jump through hoops for. Her first introduction to the cyberpunk culture happened somewhere in her early teens, and her ‘rebellious’ stage started soon after, quickly disappearing from social gatherings when her parents found the behavior to be a ‘disgrace of her upbringing’, eventually vanishing entirely from the scene to go off on her own, paid off by her family not to make a scene or get caught up in the news as it would ‘look bad on the family’. so they paid for her silence, they paid for her tinkering and her exploits, all to keep the fact that she existed out of the papers when they were on the verge of big contracts or take overs that could ruin them just for her existing.

                  She picked up hacking and body mods soon after she found herself out on her own, the ability to interface herself, even if the cognitive connection wasn’t there, enamored her, and she got multiple, as she called them, upgrades done on her family’s dime, even attending formal training, learning encryptions and protocols and programming while practicing it on the darker side of things, and earring a short list of degrees in the process that she keeps in a binder simply as trophies that she was able to take what they knew, and use it against them, even going so far as to hack her own family’s accounts just to screw with them on more than one occasion. And only when she finally got caught hacking the Terra Government files, did it stop, the family all but disowning her and leaving her to fend for herself.

                  When she was approached awaiting her hearing over the hacking about a potential job for the government, they made it rather clear she had one of two choices, substantial jail time, and years of probation from any internet entity via anklet, or to help in the programming for the protocol of the ship that would be leaving for silent colony. She of course chose the latter.

                  It wouldn’t be until they started the rosters for the ships crew, that she realized strings had been pulled to make sure she was included on the one way trip as a part of her conditions of ‘freedom’, a last jab of her ‘family’ to see that she disappeared entirely

                  Other/Misc - All LED chips have been removed for Cryo transport, and scheduled to be reinstalled upon awakening. she considers their reinstallation to be a very high priority.
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