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Open communal Galaxy Roleplay! Come play in this space western!

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    Interest Check Open communal Galaxy Roleplay! Come play in this space western!

    Hey guys, this is more of a setting proposal that then will be used for small group RP or single short story RP as well as collaborative setting and story telling. There will be a main ship with me running the captain on it but you can also make short stories or ongoing stories on your own in this setting and help expand the setting!

    If you are going to Add to the universe, run it by me first! I'll probably say yes!

    I will of course have a few rules and base outline for it because even if in stuff like Dungeons and Dragons it is the job of the DM to simply say “Yes, and” it still has a core rule and setting book. That doesn't mean the setting is unbending and anything you may want to do can be passed by me and we'll see if it can be added or if it can be altered a bit to fit the overall feel of the world.

    How will this world, or galaxy rather, look? Well, take firefly, borderlands, aliens, BSG, cowboy bebop and Trigun and you have a pretty nice idea! Yes, all those things! A galaxy is a big place and even a planet will have a different feel in each country. Those examples are just a way to get a feel of the world.

    A third of the milky way has been connected to each other with the discovery of multiple FTL methods over the years and governments attempt to keep control over their sectors as more and more stations and even worlds go independent again, keeping connected for trade but with their own ethics and laws. Corporations grow to incredible sizes to the point that they start owning entire parts of plants, asteroid belts and rings as well as moons and gas giants for their resources.
    Trading Unions have their own fleets of warships to protect them during the long hauls between solar systems or the short but often preyed upon shipping lanes. Crime organizations have stations under their control and demand docking fees and fuel prices far above what is reasonable but the need for refueling forces the unfortunate spacer to have to dock anyway.

    Lawless roam the known galaxy. You are most likely one of them. You call no country, planet or even system your own. You take the jobs that are offered to keep yourself going along in this world. The Lawless tend to form motley crews under a schmuck of a captain that managed to get their mitts on a ship big enough to do FTL travel on its own and has space for smaller vessels inside. Bonds formed out of necessity become their own sort of mystical ties as these Lawless crews float about in the void looking to keep their new home up and running, the lights on and their bellies full.

    It is a galaxy filled with life spread out from a few points and many types of ethical and moral thoughts about what is right and wrong. It is filled with modern splendor, crystal spires for the rich and metal cities for the poor and ancient signs of previous, near god like life. Their decrepit mega structures being finds of a lifetime, their ruins highly sought after and any planet with their potential touch on them claimed by conquest by governments and corporations alike.

    First world planets have glistening megalopolises or diamond like domed cities while the mining planets have metal bunkers with vaults that go for miles deep like busy ant farms. When one of these places has no more resources they get abandoned, people and machinery alike, and quickly turn into ports for the underclass. The idle rich feel safe from the underclass and are a prime target for angry raiders, some of which have lost their sense of civility and have fallen to the strong will survive way of thinking to the point of seeing the weak as no more use than as food.

    Here, in this galaxy, you will have to survive.

    Here will be more of the more technical background of this setting such as ships, tech level, weapons, biology and so on. It might be a lil bit messy in writing as I am never that great at keeping things in lists.

    What kind of beings are we?

    Anthropomorphic animals as well as some more alien species. The Humanoid form is the base of course. No mythical beings though run anything you want by me and we can compromise.
    Two hands, two feet or footpaws, one head! Why? Everything around you is based on that shape. Doors, tools, consoles, ships...
    As for birds and other flying or gliding species. You'll be in cramped spaces most of the time so flight is going to be very rare.

    What about powers?

    No mind powers and such. If it makes sense for your animal it makes sense to have but then downsides are also on the same wavelength. Weaknesses make good characters!

    What about clothing, style and such?

    Whilst most of the examples given of worlds are space western there are many many inhabited planets so clothes can go just as broad as they do today on our earth! The ship styles are going to be based a bit of Elite Dangerous and Halo's human ships as well as our Military. So, slightly blocky, cramped, pipes. Planets will be dusty and can be tough to go through. Bring sturdy stuff.

    Hats, bowler hats, big mustaches, mutton chops, strong boots, canvas coats, dusters, belts. Most fighter pilots wear a flightsuit with then stuff over it like a jacket.

    Utilitarian is a nice word. Functional. Strong, sturdy, simple. Unless you happen to be rich! Or from a rich world. Then Silks, embroidered, fancy... those words come in.

    What about weapons?

    Personal weapons? Guns. Simple huh. Revolvers, pistols, rifles. Just remember you have to carry it and ammo around so don't go carrying a mini gun with you. Swords are fine, everyone probably has knives as well as a leatherman tool but remember that unless you are already close to a person they have a gun...
    Guns are open carry. Silencers do not make a weapon go 'piff' but just dampens it a fair bit.
    Don't worry about blasting a shot through the hull, they are pretty darn thick. The cockpit canopy though... You may want to have good aim.

    Everything costs money. And a lot of it. A personal firearm and knives are easily obtained. Grenades and full automatic rifles will cost more. And again, storage!


    The main ship of the RP will look like Elite Dangerous' Federal Corvette but internally it'll be different and again a bit vague as to how big it actually is and how many rooms there are.

    Litte ships? Stuff like these! X wing, A wing, R wing (lots of wings) Cowboy Bebop's ships, The Raptor and Viper from BSG, Elite Dangerous' Condor, Eagle, Cobra, Viper etc.
    There are of course also cars and hovercraft! Bikes, speederbikes.

    Just again, Tough! Strong! Rugged! Slightly cramped...

    Ship weapons?

    Tiny and small ships like fighters will have mostly kinetic weapons on board as well as a few dumb fire rockets of heat/energy signature seeking missiles. Limited ammo, limited range, no FTL and no artificial gravity and life support make these dangerous and unsuited for true solo flight. That's why the Lawless crews form around carrier vessel captains.

    Shields look like a second, slightly larger ship made of glass is encasing the ship in the center. Small and tiny ships have one shield that breaks when taking damage from anywhere whilst larger ships will have layered and sector shields so that you can turn and show the shielded side to the enemy.

    Medium ships will have cannons as well as the standard kinetic machine gun, better shields, more rockets OR perhaps one of the beam weapons.

    Beam weapons use invisible infrared lasers to disrupt the shielding that deflects bullets and explosions and can be used to heat up and deform the armor protecting the hull. They are very energy and heat intensive and thus on medium ships are a bit of a risk/reward situation. There is no travel time with them though.

    Large ships and upwards, like capital ships, will have turrets of all of the above as well as torpedoes (armored missiles), anti rocket defenses and artillery guns meant for engaging bigger ships.
    As stuff has mass and takes an ice age to get going, two large ships tend to shoot their big guns at each other and slowly move out of the way of the incoming projectile, be it an explosive, hunk of metal or otherwise. Their biggest gun is the accelerator cannon. A railgun that hurls a heated piece of metal faster than an explosively driven gun can. These cannons tend to be on the broadside and have limited movement.
    Large ships rely on the fighters to protect them from other fighters and “bomber” medium fighters as their cannons and rockets can do some serious damage.

    Armor is a set of layers of various metals and gels that disperse heat and kinetic damage over as large an area as possible.

    That all sounds rather lethal...

    Yep! People in this setting are People and will surrender! No one wants to die so if a ship is too damaged, usually when the armor stops stopping damage, they try to flee or simply surrender. Even with a hull breach it takes a good while to make a ship explode and it is not like in video games where the ship vanishes. It becomes a wreck.

    How do we move?

    Tiny, small and medium ships can pretty much zip around pretty fast and can do atmospheric flight. Larger ones can too but more of a just landing and take off way. Inertia and thus G forces are a thing, thus the flightsuit, so don't go spinning end over end cause you'll black out.
    Ships use Gyros and maneuvering thrusters and kind of fight in a dog fight style. Bigger ships do more broadside fighting.
    There are multiple types of FTL. Which ones? Come up with some! The ones that are set is Gate Based hyperspace that any non FTL ship has to use and PAY for.
    Ship based hyperspace entry like in star wars is for larger ships, another reason for people to crew up.
    Wormholes... but where do they go?
    Ancient gates... but where is the other gate?
    Warp! Great for inter planetary travel. Not great for hopping from solar system to system. It does not go as fast as in TNG and such.


    Because of the distances most communication is bound to the solar system you are in. If you are not in the same system... email!

    Those precursors...

    There are multiple of them. No one knows how many or how many came from the same origin planet! Things they left behind are stuff as simple as some old ships, ruins or stations or as grand as broken dyson spheres, ring worlds, mega cities, titan ships and relays for unknown transmissions.
    Let your mind go wild!

    What governments are there?

    I dunnu, come up with some! That's the fun of it. Do base it a bit on reality though. Same with names! Keep it a lil vague as to where they are. There is also no set amount of planets and terraforming is a new technology so there are more habitable planets than in our current reality.


    You name it! Raiders, pirates, Cops, monstrous species, aliens (though rare), hive minds, plants, the planet, robots gone crazy, people, corporations... Pick your poison.

    That's it! These are Guidelines to keep everything feeling a bit consistent. But it is a big (third of the) galaxy out there filled with strange people who all have their own ideas.

    I do need some names though... For the setting mostly... I'll make a post about the ship and captain later!
    I hope you will have fun with this setting, adding to it and running around in it along with the others!
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    A nicely laid-out premise, Miqu. It has potential. If you wanted to try to run something like this, though, I'd suggest creating a separate folder on your computer. You're going to need to keep a lot of notes. A whole lot of them. Else, letting players run in this sort of play-system is going to very quickly overwhelm you, and they.

    Another wall I can potentially see you and your players running into, is how to try to narrow all of these elements down into a singular cogent story. Why are they doing what they are doing? Why should they care? Is there a common goal which has brought them all together? Let's face it - with an open field for ideas like this, you and your players are going to be spending months just trying to determine what the world is like, and how they fit into it. Giving them a motivation or a reason for being in it, will help this along immensely.

    Or... I suppose it could turn into something like the random dungeon-crawl campaign. Characters pick a dungeon, go into it, kill all the monsters, take treasure. Wash, rinse, repeat. Which has its own merits, admittedly. Just the casual get-together when players feel up to it, just to have a bit of fun together. Just a series of short stories, and who cares what the overall picture is? It can definitely be a lot of fun to get involved in something of this sort.

    Just all things to consider and ponder if you want to embark on something like this. It will certainly have its challenges, but also be rewarding if done right.
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      Well what do the crew of Serenity do? Survive! This can be heists, legal jobs, not so legal jobs. It will be more episodic than grand space opera adventure. The crooks you meet, the people you bond with, the jobs that go well, the ones that don't. As stated it is keeping the lights on and the ship going so you can be truly free among the stars that these types of characters want most of the time.

      Why are you on the ship or in this universe? Isn't that up to you? Spike Spiegel didn't have an ulterior motive despite moving onward and got in all sorts of shenanigans. Part of the RP is of course going to places and finding the things to do.

      And there won't BE a singular cogent story aside from the people on the main ship. That's just it. It'll be a bit like the animatirx. Short stories in the same world with characters we may or may not see ever again. This is not a book, this is a world. I will of course give multiple plot hooks when I can but others can also give me suggestions for plot hooks to then run! That's the fun of it.
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        So I like the idea! We talked a bit on Discord but I wanted to see if you had some ideas already laid out for the first couple of jobs and heists. So we have a little structure to establish ourselves before we get going!
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          Ah! I was sort of going in the other way there yes but hey! We can come up with some! But feel free to put down ideas for characters you wanna play so I can sorta adjust things a lil like are you an ace pilot? Gunman? Computer Dude? Hackerman with keytar... But yeah I'll write some stuff down but anyone feel free to send ideas mah way!
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            I know you didn't like the quadruped feral idea, but I do like the like the idea of a smaller character with cybernetic manipulators serving as their muscle. I'm thinking some sort of small reptile with an over all Raptor shape but decidedly under developed arms. They can grasp and lift, but they're short and lack a normal amount of upper body strength. Instead they would use a harness with two hydrolic manipulator arms on the back. When not in use they would stow away almost like wings.

            The image that keeps coming to my head is this character hanging, with the manipulators holding them in place and close while they work on one of the auxiliary craft's engines. Is that too much?
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              What you could instead do is a short tailed raptor (with feathers perhaps) that has good sprinting legs but short arms with vestigial wings on them as the race is evolving from predator to sapient and their mind got there first. (Up to you how, cybernetics, people messing around with the planet)
              To compensate they wear a spine and hip mounted exoskeleton over their normal undergarments and then have two robotic arms that they manipulate with their small arms but it is like wearing a... eh... power armor the entire time so they do like to take it off now and then.

              That way you are both small and lizardly but still (mostly, cause of raptor legs) conform to my two legs, two arms humanoid shape.

              Or, know what. Go ahead with the raptor lizard with arms on the back that fold but make em spindly. So they are pretty much only for manipulating things and have normal human strength. I do want upright species though. No centaurs or quads. Just cause they'd fit weird in the setting.
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                You asked so here some of the available jobs and some descriptions!

                Heist of the Silver Saber.

                Whilst bumming it on a nearby station Your Captain found out that a certain contact wants an item. Following are the known details...

                The item in question is a silver saber that some dandy has with him when he goes to fancy parties, showing off the craftsmanship and such... Turns out it is also a symbol of their position in office on some remote colony. Deprive him of this glorified bread knife and deliver it to the station.

                It is an almost 3 foot sword with one sharp edge, gold trimming and a hardened steel blade with silver worked into it. The scabbard is dark blue velvet with gold and golden ropes. The scabbard MUST be with the sword or no payment!
                There will be other blades like this but none have the white silver worked into the blade itself.

                The target carrying the target is Lord fancypants whogivesadamn and loves going from station to station around new colonies to extend his contacts, he says, but mostly to just show off.
                He will of course be in some ballroom underneath the transparent metal dome that cost way too much (that's why this ship has so little windows, stop asking!) along with a bunch of other want to be blue bloods so lifting it then won't work.

                What is known is that our Liege tends to excuse himself early and fly away on his private ship... That's when we can get him! Except we don't know WHO he is. We know he has a white beard of sorts and the saber. So we need to come up with a situation on board of the station where he draws the thing out of the scabbard.
                Tail him to his ship afterwards.
                Follow it with the Raptor.
                Intercept with The Abyssal and snatch that razor.

                Getting into the station unknown would probably be the second hardest besides making them pull the blade.

                Pay: Enough! I'm tired of running on half tanks and half ordnance... And I want some actual coffee once... This will easily cover it.

                Second job Your Captain found.

                Station Salvage! Not as exciting as the previous one but also no risk of getting someone ticked off enough to open fire.

                A planet has been strip mined and before the vault city can become some den for... well... us type the governing entity wants its station's blackbox, safe contents and some odd encryption/decryption device before the planet decides to take that too.

                Why hasn't that happened already? Well... there's a giant hole in the station and its reactor is seemingly destroyed. The operative word is seemingly. The reactor got knocked around by... whatever hit it... but now they are getting signal it is functional so it is only a matter of time before the now unemployed workers of the planet figure out they can seal up the station and pressurize it.

                Currently it is abandoned so we go in with the grinders (And by we I mean you lot.) and get what we can. There is a standard pay plus whatever we can haul out of the storage there. Great stuff to then sell on the black market.

                Third Job.

                This one I'm iffy about for many reasons. It's wetwork.
                Now I'm not against spacing someone but the pay is... scarily high. And half upfront. Even before I asked.

                So either this is some rich guy wanting another rich guy dead or someone looking for pure professionals to do a perfect job.

                No details until accepted... Red flags everywhere guys but... yah know... this one pays in the millions and we can have half of that and then try to book it... Or do the job.

                Discuss in the lounge! And clean up that cooking hob!
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                  In all honesty, I just realized that my Cody Faulkner could the the perfect candidate for such a thing. A mentally broken bounty hunter with no future and stolen past -- 10/10 would go in. I like the idea, and haha. Looks good. Have a vote from me.

                  C.F. was not really touched for way too long.


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                    Yup! Once I clean it all up and get all the forums in place for the RP start you can post C.F. and their story there and bum around the universe with the rest or on your own. It'll be fun!
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                      This looks interesting (to the point where a character idea is already swirling in my head). I'll need to keep an eye on it.
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