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    *Helena ahems, and is drawn back. "Woo. Last time I dealt with IED's was with a civilian disturbance in a southern sector. I... honestly forgot they were a thing. Need to get used to and remember old tactics." She sighs, "Want me to continue to elsewhere, sir or should we remain?" She, likely like the rest of the group, would seemingly wish to be gone from this building and its rather forgotten contents. She'd heft the shield, looking to the Major.

    "Of course, up to you for current actions. All I do know is that, due to caution, we'll likely be slowed down due to such traps."


      Jeylyn nodded, touching his ear piece. "Permission granted," he replied. "But send the drone right back in."

      After that, he let out a breath. It made a somber-sounding hiss/pop sound with his breathe mask. He looked at Helena.

      "I'll take lead from here on out," he said.

      It was clear to Jeylyn that Helena hadn't had much close-quarters infiltration training. Or not much experience with it. And he'd seen the results of people getting into situations they didn't have adequate experience or training for. Namely, bodies blown to pieces or lying dead in pools of their own blood, riddled with holes.

      "Right now, we wait for the return of Margras' drone. Then, room-by-room search, Captain. And we do it strictly by the numbers."

      It was about ten minutes then, before Margras' machine returned.

      "Admiral, we're preparing to go deeper into medical. We'll keep you apprised of our progress and situation."

      With that, Jeylyn pointed out a direction for Margras' drone and fell in behind it to follow it. The area to which he pointed looked like it was going to be either surgery or the morgue. Whichever it was going to be, the thought of going into them had Jeylyn's face set with grim expectation.

      Medical areas. Yeah - they were not fun places to be for the horse.
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        *Helena looks to the Major and headtilts, "If you are certain, sir..." She has had much in the ways of close quarters training, but not infiltration nor had many dealings with IED's due to her primary line of work, which was front-line breach/clear and MP Riot training. In all honesty, she was a loud operative who was meant to shield her fellow soldiers and beat back enemy infantry. However, she didn't question the Major on his choice but unlike the greater majority of their group, she at-least had the armor to take the explosive force and survive. That being said, she'd remain at proper distance and keep fair enough spacing to ensure that she didn't make the Major feel claustrophobic.

        Upon seeing the next room, she sighs. Not speaking further as she found a feeling of mild anxiety...


          "Roger," Margras replied, the drone's arms lifting the front plate and placing it back on the computer, pressing until it clicked back into place. It then gently pulled out the computer, placing it on its upper surface.

          "The drone'll be back ASAP," he stated, "If you need me before that, just speak to one of the multi-rotors."

          "Lieutenant, we've got one of my drones coming out with a package," he stated as the drone exited the room, mic muted, "We pulled a computer for the IT team to have a look at."

          The drone soon emerged, proceeding to the Tumbler as Margras clambered from his seat.

          As soon as the door opened, he stepped out, grimacing at the oppressive temperature, and collected the computer, directing the drone back towards the building as he climbed back in. He placed the computer in the remaining seat, taking a moment to strap it in once he'd closed the door, before sitting back down and taking back full control of the drone. The arms retracted as it passed through the door, though he kept the camera boom extended to give him a better vantage point.

          The team heard a cheerful chirp before the drone drove back into the ruined medical bay.

          "Computer's secure in the Tumbler, Major," he reported.

          The drone proceeded in the direction the Major indicated. Margras carefully poked the camera boom through first, checking the area to make sure it was clear of any potential hostiles.
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            Jeylyn took a moment to give Helena a nod over his shoulder. It was a nod of understanding. He glanced at Margras' drone, but waited there for a few minutes to speak with his teammate, letting the drone go into the next room alone for now.

            "None of us were expecting any of this. Few of us were prepared for it," his voice understanding, even kindly, if still made somewhat eerie by the distortion his breathe mask gave it. "Could have been prepared for it."

            Yeah, fancy that. Who could have predicted that they'd be dropped into the middle of a barren desert, one that had only the leavings of death as the only thing left to find? The greater majority of the Belenos' crew were nowhere near as anything that might be considered prepared. All of them were going to be forced to wing it, learning things they would have never previously believed they would be forced to learn. But learn them quickly, they must, or they all would die.

            "We're all stuck, but at least we have each other." He nodded at Helena again. "You weren't trained for this. That is not to say thought, you can't become trained. For now, just watch my back. This," he said, meaning the desert environment, the war-torn buildings. "This is something I know."
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              *Helena nods, "Aye, aye sir." She would seem to have renewed some vigor, looking past the Major, "If that is to be the case, then I have some training recommendations at this mission. In the meantime... sir, please lead the way. Better to be done quickly than to be here any longer than needed." Double checking her shotguns round load out, non-lethal, she seemed ready to continue. Double checking her battery gauges, noting everything was relatively optimal to herself. She takes a deep breathe, releases slowly ad dissolves the anxiety. Nodding again, she resumes her position behind the Major.


                As the Major and the away party slowly went deeper into the artificial earth of the ring it became clear that the building had sustained most of the damage from the front. The Surgery room was almost plucked barren but there was less evidence of bullets flying and fighting going on.
                There simply was the painted white and green sterile room, empty cabinets and a few wall mounts that at one point must have held up computers or medical devices.

                Returning back to the entrance hall and going further down what seemed the main hallway it became clear this place was lain out much like an office building with sections for passport and immigration control, signs in multiple languages pointing out numbered offices, as well as orientation for the new arrivals.
                Once again the places had been picked clean, only a few plastic bins had been left behind and there was no real sign of struggle. The people had hoped to defend themselves in the Medical Bay. Everything seemed to be rather mundane and normal if over half a century old. Framed against the wall, now faded and torn, were large panoramic pictures of Orbona from space, showing lush green and deep blues along with swirling white clouds, a stark contrast to the barren world now outside.

                Soon the away party would run into a fortified door but a well placed breaching charge took care of the lock with ease. The door had multiple warning signs. Danger, electrical hazard, wind hazard, no admittance and so on. From here on the complex seemed to stop being for the public and changed to being for those who knew the inner workings of the ring itself. Pipes started running across the walls, thick electrical wires following them, and branching off into vents and electrical ducts. It was like being in an oversized computer.
                Stairs led down, on one side a smooth ramp, deeper into the ring. Light couldn't reach down here so all had to use their flashlights to be able to see, the slope slowing down the away party. Noise could suddenly be heard. The sound of wind was reaching those with sharp hearing first but soon all heard it as it became louder with every step.
                More warning signs started showing up in red and white warning about moving fans, equipment and electrical hazards. One sign showed a simplified mammal being blown off their feet and sucked into a tunnel with a big fan. Non functioning warning lights hung on the walls.
                The Major came to a halt in front of a much reinforced door and, looking up, there were two orange warning lights on both sides... and they were on. Dull orange light swept over the party as they looked at the vault like door. More symbols showed grizzly fates for any daring to cross the barrier of the door. More fans, more lightning bolts... They had reached down into the ring and instead of finding a metro they found a gigantic air or wind system of some sort.

                ((OOC: Too fast? I'd like some critique))
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                  Italy would follow the marked lines back towards the various labs that the Belenos had aboard near engineering and the reactor. All the labs and civilian habitat pods, small beds stacked two high that had some rudimentary comforts built into them, were near the reactor deep into the vessel's structure as it was the hardest to get to if the Belenos was boarded or shot upon by ordnance.

                  The hallways felt small and almost every bit of space was used as each lab was pushed up against another somewhat like a puzzle. Big from the outside, the Belenos had limited space inside. The vehicle hanger and munitions storage were the culprits of that followed secondly by the reactor itself and all its fail saves.

                  In some of the hallways there were windows looking down upon the hanger were Italy could see one of the fighter jets being prepared for a test flight to see if they had sustained any damage during the travel. It looked like a single wing, slightly boomerang shaped, with the engines right next to the cockpit and down over its short body. It lacked a tail. Instead movable vector thrust engines allowed the slim design to maneuver as swiftly as a longer, more elongated plane. Seeing as these jets couldn't break the sound barrier there was no need for them to be as bullet shaped.

                  It had one fat wheel in the front and two smaller ones near the back, both wings were angled 90 degrees up at the moment as it got wheeled to the rear smaller vehicle elevators.

                  It seemed, despite the state of Orbona, that a feeling of normality was already slowly descending upon at least the military crew of the Belenos. Duty first, worry second.

                  Italy managed rather swiftly, due to her small size, to follow the correct colored line to her labs and a quick stop in the preparation locker room later she was in the computing labs. In this lab all the walls were either screens, computers or both and in the center was a large rectangular version of the holo table that was up at the command deck.

                  There were already some lab workers poking at the various computers, trying to get them to life and checking for damage, wearing a one piece clean suit with the correct division marking on it when Italy arrived. On the other side of the room one door led to a clean room where you had to have a body suit and mask on since fur and sensitive electronics did not mix very well.

                  Chief Tatsuka soon wished he was in Italy's place inside the nice and cool computer labs instead of the early afternoon heat of Saule's scorching heat. The work was proceeding smoothly but not very fast as a small issue came to bare. The metal parts were too hot to the touch to lift without gloves and cutting the larger bits into pieces was hard if the debris couldn't be held down.

                  Exoskeletons had to be used for some of the pieces, those trained in wearing the strength enhancing devices had their hands full.

                  Tatsuka, known by some as 'pop', was doing his nickname proud by spotting those who were slowing down and showing signs of exhaustion due to the heat.
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                  Orbona, Doomed Orbital FAQ