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    "If this place doesn't have good booze, I'm ramming the station the second time we resupply here," the fox joked.

    The Abyssial swiftly went around the busy area filled with many bigger and smaller ships which crews enjoyed the Freeport's possibilities. Saikun got a bit nervos when he saw three Headhammer-class vessels, which were stable of big bounty hunting group known as Azure Sharks. A very funny name consindering these were shark-like bipedal creatures, but since some humans labeled them like that - these Liirans, as it was their species name, took it as their own.

    Liirans come from a small aquatic planet in Liir System. They are relatively shorter than humans, can breathe both normal oxygen and dissolved oxygen in water. The fact they are perfect swimmers quickly adapted them to zero-g enviroments and thanks to their biological structure they suffer very little issues when deprived of gravity for months. The downside is they need to wear special suilt that prevents from dehydration, although a typical Liiran can always use shower four times a day to reinforce himself in water. Unlike sharks or similiar feral species, they do have a very short fur as addition to normal shark body scales.

    "Please do tell me we are not going to deal with these guys," Saikun asked and looked at Erna. "Some corporate a-hole put a bounty on me like a year ago... They don't have good treatment for 'Wanted Alive'."


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      “Like I said, it’s not the first time I’ve been in the Frontier,” Joshua replied to Erna, “We didn’t go any further out than Taurin – our previous job was actually a jump closer to the Core Worlds - and we didn’t stay long, but we did enter.”

      Saikun’s joke about ramming the station earned the Sirian a deadpan look from over Joshua’s shoulder, before the lace monitor returned to the gunnery station, fingers running across the buttons as he familiarised himself with them.

      “Hammerheads? The Azure Sharks?” he asked rhetorically when he saw the ships, “Liiran outfit. Interesting. I know them by reputation, but I’ve never actually encountered them before; the Delta Fangs never ran into them.”

      He paused.

      “I’m left wondering what happened to have a bounty placed on your head, but I suspect that’s a story for another time,” Joshua said after a moment, before turning to Erna.

      “What’s the plan, Captain?”
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        //Any words on that RP? It's been more than two weeks since last post.


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          ((I'm sorry, I am not continuing this or any RP I am sad to say. I also just lost a family member so I was a bit distracted.))
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            ((Ouch, sad to hear that... Didn't know any of these.


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              ((Apologies for popping in when I wasn't in this RP, but I'm so sorry to hear that, Miqu. You have my absolute best wishes, we're around if you feel you need to talk to anyone))