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    Indeed. From the writing, your character latched onto the truck during the escape, Ember.

    I'll be adding a note in my next RP post about Adrian shouting for him to grab (or jump) on during the escape.
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      I was just waiting on BrutusRat to get caught up, then I was going to make my post. I didn't want to go too far ahead.
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        Many apologies! I found myself pretty busy the last couple of days, gettin' right on it!


          Slice and Lawliet? Are you guys going to be getting posts in pretty soon?

          Also, I was in a SubTropolis-like cold-storage facility the other day, an old, underground limestone mine that had been converted for commercial use. I took a couple of photos.

          This place isn't nearly as big underground as SubTropolis is, but it gives the general idea. SubTropolis is so big that trucks can driver right in and out of it. Big trucks like mine, pulling full sized 53-foot trailers. This mine, owned by National Cold Storage, or leased by it, must have been a much older mine. It is in Bonner Springs Kansas. Now, onto the photos!

          Click image for larger version

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            Ooh, looks like an intriguing place! Kind of location you'd expect some Bond villain or Resident Evil/Stranger Things facility to be located :p

            As for the post, yep, mine will be coming tonight! It's been a busy week, I've not had much time in the house ^_^