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Introduction from Professor Stanton Mayworth, Ph.D.

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    Introduction from Professor Stanton Mayworth, Ph.D.

    Hello there. I am Professor Stanton Mayworth, which you probably read in the title. I'm here to explain to you all how this 'In Character Forum' works.

    Now the first thing you may be asking is "Professor Mayworth, aren't introductory posts a little below your station as an internationally renowned psychology professor?". And you would be absolutely right. Congratulations. Go to the top of the class.

    I am, of course, here for more of a reason than an introduction. I have a special insight into this particular topic. An insight that has been the focus of the vast majority of my research, and has caused me no end of grief from those less knowledgeable about it. Namely, I am one of the very few characters to be aware of the Fourth Wall.

    You can imagine how well that goes down with the mainstream scientific community...

    So yes, my 'disorder', if it may be so called, allows me full comprehension of the fact that I am a fictional creation, knowledge that most of my peers do certainly not possess. As such, I would like to tell you directly, the creators, how you should act within this forum. I have been told to assure you that reckless disregard for the following rules will result in punishment "as normal for forum misbehaviour". So read carefully, and maybe we can both avoid being erased (after all, yours would be more permanent!)

    1. This is a forum for your fictional creations. You should not type as yourself, nor as the narrator to your character's lives. You should imagine that your character is sitting behind a computer in their own world, and is actually looking at this forum. So if there is a topic within this forum about "Your favourite music", you should respond in character (the forum name gives a hint at this) with something like "My favourite music is country. It always reminds me of my adventuring days" and NOT "Gorgak's favourite music is country, ever since he was out adventuring and came across a planet full of Johnny Cash clones."
    Although, because you may use various characters in this forum, do include their name at the top of each post.

    2. I'm told that general forum rules about conduct apply. Of course I don't know these, since I'm not even in the same world as you (remember?) but you should certainly know them. At a guess, I would say swearing isn't allowed*, nor is posting so-called 'spam' or blatantly attacking, threatening or belittling other users of this forum. We may be fictional, but we still have feelings (fictional feelings, admittedly, but those are still feelings)

    *Human swearing at least. Your administrators probably aren't familiar with the Jargon people of planet Balderdash, whose vocabulary of colourful fictional swearing is legendary.

    3. For obvious reasons, please do NOT refer to the Fourth Wall, to the fact that you are the character's creator, to any 'users' of the larger forum, and do not use OOC chat or anything else of the sort. I can tell you from experience, characters do not like being told that they are characters. After my first thesis I had to do some pretty fast talking to avoid being sectioned. You know that your characters are fictional. I know that your characters are fictional. Let's keep it at that, shall we? Any comments suggesting that characters are anything but real will be removed as soon as possible. We don't want to go all Matrix, now, do we?

    4. Multiple characters are fine, but this type of thing works best if you just use one or two characters. Because posting character sheets would violate Rule 3 (pretty harshly, as well. Your characters would probably have a heart attack finding out that someone knows everything about their lives, and then they'd call the FBI on you. Luckily the FBI would also be fictional, but it'd still be a close call. But I digress...) and so we will have to rely on your in character posts to get to know your character. They can introduce themselves by all means, but more in the format of "Hiii, I'm Cindi (with an i!) and I love puppies, walks in the park, and working my collection V32 Fitwa Wing P-Fighter Engines" rather than "Name: Cindi. Age: 21. Interests: Puppies, parks and single-man flying death machines."

    And I suppose that just about covers it. Last thing, of course, don't mention this post to any of the characters. I'll start getting odd stares again.

    Enjoy the forum, and I hope your characters do to.

    Yours sincerely,

    Professor Stanton Mayworth, Ph.D.