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Of Pleasure and Captains...

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    Of Pleasure and Captains...

    Amoungst others, one would barely notice her nor hear a single step or rustle of cloth. Deathly quiet, oddly noble, incredibly fluid and seemingly unrestricted by those that surround. Meeting eyes with this sole "predator" would bring a slight stun as the singular, bright starburst eye is seemingly brimming with an unreleased tsunami of rage, a withheld violence that also shadows the sheer amount of tiredness that is brought from mild sleep deprivation that is being carried.

    One wouldn't think much of her as well. She seems as any other snow leopard morph that can be seen anywhere else in the universe. Although, it would take someone with a keen eye to notice the real yet slight differences. Slightly larger claws, pronounced facial features, longer ears and skull being some examples. A greater example would be in the eyes. The eye is slit a kin to a poisonous snake, followed with a soft glow from the starburst that colors her eye. One would think her to be a hybrid, no. She is a Kingrian. And this Kingrian is quite well... pissy as she quietly, absent-mindlessly talks to herself.

    "Kaet ya rucies yeth asdi. Aveh moes meit tyo oyrulefs yeth asdi. Tyge moes lanei ilta yeth asdi." Soft shiver, followed by a just a soft growl, "Yojen moes nife nidgin yeth asdi. Lexar yno eth Insatiable Curiosity yeth asdi..." Kel was finding herself running in circles due to her first time being on this vessel. She has asked once before where the security office but to her dismay, she was given the wrong deck because of an "Error of Translation." After asking a less busied ship attendent, she quickly made her way to see "First Lieutenant Glory Victorious."

    Kel recently heard some rather unsavory rumors and was looking forward to clearing the air of them. Despite her lack of sleep, she was still quite attentive of her surroundings as her ears ceaselessly move about.

    ((OOC: I hope that I am placing this correctly. Its been so long since I've been able to actually play here that I am actually a bit nervous. XD))
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    ((OOC: This works for me. Though, Slice, please take up the reply to Crusadra's post in the roleplay proper. We'll all be able to then continue from there. ))
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      Rightio, I've replied now! You can continue within the main Insatiable Curiosity thread now, Cru
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