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    Curio Valance Backstory

    Xeros, now inside League space, is an arid planet close to its large and bright sun Zerda, where life has to cling to the two strips of habitable space filled with oasis.

    The poles of Curio's homeworld were too cold to sustain life at night, only allowing some extremophiles to live there, and at the equator it became too hot during the summer day. Inbetween these inhabitable zones sit swirls of teal oasis with bright red sand and splashes of green flora.
    There life boomed due to the bountifulness of ocean life, sweet water and shade giving and hard leafed trees. Due to the heat life either remained small or became cold blooded but the rather harsh winter night cold made way for the small but sturdy fox-like Xerians to rise up from complex life to sentient and eventually sapient life.

    Strictly sticking to the northern hemisphere until the invention of sand sailers that glided over the fine blood red sands of the equator it took the Xerians a while before claiming their entire planet as populated by them as the dominant species.
    Farming the fruit and nut bearing flora and herding the large cold blooded species as food and learning how to cook with fire and solar lenses gave way to a population boom that forced the rapidly breeding foxes to figure out ways to survive on the more inhospitable spots of Xeros.
    Underneath the blood red sands of the equator was where they found the needed space for their numerous race and even today the top of those sands seem to be left untouched whilst underground are complex habitats that use reflectors, UV lights and many shafts, like in an ant or termite hill, for ventilation to support entire generations of Xerians.

    Because of this the Xerians have always been comfortable in either fully enclosed or artificial habitats and have figured out how to turn any space into living space through the use of metals, machines and manipulation of physics. So when, during the early stages of interstellar flight, the League found these industrious foxes and shared with them the knowledge of FTL flight and space stations they of course had to take it a step further.

    The idea of mega engineering struck the Xerian's collective scientific minds as the next step to deal with the ever increasing overpopulation, even if it was already straightening out by itself as birth and death rates slowly equalized, and led to the building of the Xeros Habitat Station. Also somewhat optimistically called Xeros 1.

    The building of this complex station took more materials than the now League backed Xerians could mine from their asteroid belt fast enough and brought rise to the great salvaging operations, mining guilds and explorers that the Xerians now tend to have as their mainstay jobs. Xerians, during the construction of Xeros 1, were payed not only in credits but also materials that would be sent homeward to complete the station.

    When Xeros 1 was completed it was, at the time, the most complex and largest habitat station ever built. A large cylinder rotated in between two static structures that housed various power stations and dockingbays. The Xerian government moved to the station as a sign of trust in the project and soon the artificial farms were being plowed by the first workers and inhabitants of Xeros 1.
    Those born on the station were now known as voidborne.

    This success had not calmed down the Xerians it seemed though as now plans, though only plans, of a ringworld were being drawn up but as of yet no talks have been made between Xerian and League government about the possibility of such a ludicrously large undertaking being allowed.

    Xeros 1 is a popular location for the scientifically curious tourist to come and visit. Xeros' beauty, the planet that is, is often on digital photos due to its color mix of white at the poles, green, teal and orange stripes and then the blood red sands at the equator. The many Oasis attract beachcombers, much to the annoyance of the planet born Xerians who find their planet off limits to anyone but other Xerians.

    Curio Valence, and his twin sisters, were born aboard Xeros 1 and thus was used to looking up when walking about and simply seeing more ground above him. Artificial light along with the long windowed slits across the station gave a day and night cycle that came with a beautiful view during nighttime of the many small lights of the housing complexes' across the station. In the middle of the cylinder spacecraft took advantage of the quirky zero gravity tunnel resulting from the cylindrical artificial gravity plating that aided the rotational pull and used it to ferry goods to the farms or factories that needed it.
    This gave an ever moving display of lights, small propellant or plasma bursts from ships correcting their course and the occasional shimmering of the rivers or windows reflecting the Xerian Sun or Surface. A view that captivated Curio as he held onto his mothers hand, gazing up at it with his mouth open and holding a toy spacecraft.

    Ships, big and small, had always been a passion to Curio. Not helped by the fact that along with League's news and education networks came its entertainment networks and robotic sports, races and documentaries about all sorts of advancements in flight, exploration or just dumb fun with expensive, and dangerous, toys.
    At one point Curio's room was covered by so many plasteen posters and toys that it was hard to figure out which team or racers Curio actually supported.
    All of them seemed to be the only answer.

    For one of the Valence siblings' birthdays their parents took them on a spacewalk outside of the station. An expensive once in a lifetime thing due to the needed safety personnel and gear as well as the cost of maintaining the debris shields.
    Xeros and its stripes was breathtaking but Curio kept staring at the stars and the safety workers who let their magnetic boots turn off and float from walking couple to walking couple. Curio wished he could turn off his boots and float out there but he was smart enough not to. Even if he wanted he couldn't, the tourist suits were controlled by the personnel.
    His sisters on the other hand both viewed Xeros and the Habitat Station as an achievement of their small in stature, large in number race.

    Gleaming yachts flew in with brilliant flashes of light and displays of luxury to come and view the now aging station and walk across its surface, see its rotating inner cylinder or view Xeros from one of the many viewdecks.

    For the Sisters this was the point that they both decided to, in their own way, would restore the station back to its silver and blue sheen and show that any proposed plan for more station was not folly. Both Sisters now work in different departments of the Xerian station government.

    Curio saw one of the spacecraft as another way to a freedom he longed for and a comically oversized yacht with a sculpted bow figure of all things sparked in him the interest of learning to pilot oversized craft.

    Soon Curio was off to the Navy funded school onboard the station and learned to fly everything from the smallest single person recreation ship to the standard haulers that were not much more than a cockpit, some engines and the cargo it held inbetween those two. He also managed to get certified in operating exosuits, forklifts and many other cargo haulers.
    At the end of his school cycle he decided not to go into Navy and quickly payed his dues by hauling for the Navy his first two years out on the job. This meant his ship and equipment was owned by the Xerian government and wouldn't be released to him after the two year stint.

    So, after that he instead went to do salvaging jobs where his like for zero G environments was a huge boon. Wether it was using an exosuit with a plasma cutter attatched to cut of large chunks of husks, crawling around in the inside to disconnect more sensitive equipment in nothing but an environment suit or even diving to the bottom of wreckage that had sunk on an oceanic moon in a pressure suit.

    It was during a salvaging of a large ship that a miscommunication caused an accident where a plasma cutter, wielded by a co worker who was not paying attention, caused Curio the loss of his left arm right above the elbow.
    The environment suit he was in had strips of wire at various places that automatically tightened to prevent blood and atmosphere loss in cases like this and one on Curio's arm activated. These are save your life devices that do not do 'gentle' and to this day, right above the seem of Curio's arm and his prosthetic is a scar all around his arm where no fur grows.

    After recovery and a prosthetic arm that he kept bare of artificial skin or fur he changed companies and for a while did not use his left arm. Physical therapy helped him readjust as he looked for a better job. It was around that time that he became a derelict salvager.

    Along with his Co-worker and soon to be friend Marcus, a large reptile pilot with his own salvaging ship, they took League jobs to find derelict spaceships and strip them for parts. With a Galaxy this big and populated at times ships would be left floating after rescue had picked up any survivors and the black box. At times they would have drifted from where they had originally been or landed on uninhabited moons or planets and required special equipment to get back any investments.
    Marcus would fly his special ship and aid Curio, who'd be in an exosuit, a robotic all purpose vehicle, with picking apart what they could. Marcus taught Curio a lot about in flight repairs and flying on a budget and it allowed Curio to get even more proficient in being in hazardous conditions.

    A few short years later Curio bought Marcus' old heavy Falcon and started flying his own cargo runs freelance. Eventually leading up to him and his ship boarding the Insatiable Curiosity.
    To this day Curio wonders if buying the hauler was a smart idea since the call of the dangerous but rewarding salvaging jobs still sang to him. But he had a ship to maintain and bills to pay.
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    Curio Valance Backstory

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    Great stuff, Miqu! I'm sure Rick will love seeing this and incorporating it!
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      That is good stuff! It gives me more ideas to build the overall story on. Nicely done, Miqu!
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