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Gael Korme, Pirate Queen! IC character.

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    Gael Korme, Pirate Queen! IC character.

    ((I am putting this here until Rick can look it over. There's also a backstory added!))

    Name: Gael Korme
    Species: Maned Wolf
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown, assumes she's 30
    Fur color: hazelnut and ochre
    Eye Color: Bright Gold
    Height: Six feet, looks taller.
    Weight: 136 lb (62 Kg)
    Distinctive marks: Lighter colored belly, dark 'socks' on the limbs, dark snout and ears. Spiky short hair.
    Off duty clothes: Jumpsuits bearing logos from mecha sports with the sleeves rolled up.
    Race Name: Unknown
    Homeworld: True birth planet unknown, adopted at very early age into League world.
    Division: Outlaw.
    Rank: Pirate Queen (she wishes)
    Job: None
    Special abilities: Persuasive escape artist with a knack for technology.
    Weaknesses: Thinks canine and vulpine races are superior, has a superiority complex, thin and fragile limbs, bit of a kleptomaniac.
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    Gael Krome sat at a table at a dirty bar with her face flat on the table's surface whilst clutching a drink in her paw, the bottle mostly empty, and let out a sigh. Things were not going her way, not at all.
    Gael was a pirate! Or rather a crook... She looked like a pirate but she had none of the essentials that would give her the true title of pirate queen she clearly seemed to want to have.
    Gael was a tall, chestnut furred maned wolf with short and spiky hair that mostly stuck up and seemed to continue down her entire spine to her tail and, due to her heritage, seemed very lanky and thin, to an almost alarming degree. Her snout and ends of her limbs were darker colored and she had a black nose and one visible bright golden eye. The other was hidden by an eyepatch.

    The eye was still there and fully functional. Her eyepatch was actually an AR monocle made to look like a pirate's stereotypical patch.
    Slightly oversized black boots, made to seem even bigger by her extremely thin limbs, had more buckles than was needed and had her dark pants tucked into them. A large belt with a low hanging holster adorned her hips, the holster empty at the moment due to having to hand it over when docking, and above the belt her midriff was bare and showed some lighter colored fur off like any female pirate should. Normally a broomhandle pistole (think mauser broomhandle) would be in that holster. A thin barreled pistol that looked suitably sinister in any hands.

    A piece of energy diffusing chest armor wrapped nicely around the few curves she did have as a bit of personal protection and finishing the look were her leather fingerless gloves and a large dark red canvas duster with a belt in the back to tighten the waist a bit. Too bad the salesman selling the chest armor failed to mention it only worked against certain older 'pulse' weapons and was practically useless against any modern guns. Too bad Gael failed to pay for it as well because it cost her a station she could dock at.

    How did she end up at this Light forsaken excuse of a station again? With her ship barely running, barely being maintained due to her low funds? She had never seen enough Lutuc or pirate trade currency to even own her ship for one thing...

    The Raptor looked a bit like a squashed on all sides arrow and was mighty impressive for an all rounder type of ship. It was sizable enough to be used as a sort of mobile home and impressive looking enough, specially with the right paintjob, to fit a raider or pirate but it was expensive to maintain and lately her reactor had been running so hot during FTL travel she was worried it'd start boiling the plastics inside the ship.

    She had even tried to get it fixed by seducing some dock tech but when she got him inside and on the bed and explained her situation, topless at that point, the tech ran with his tail tucked between his legs and wearing just his boxers and jacket. So much for that plan.

    And then this war started. Unimportant trade routes suddenly either got abandoned by easy pickings, flooded with League vessels or, even worse, flooded with Raiders preying on the scared fugitives. The news had barely reached Gael's eartips and already raiders were dropping in on any of her usual spots so she had to blast away to safety. She had no reputation to her name in the underground other than wannabe pirate queen and easy lay, bit boney, if you pay her for fuel... If she isn't up for it, wait around. She'll run out of fuel and then she has no choice... At this Gael slammed her bottle on the table since she was talking to herself and was pleased to note some of the swill splashing around in the bottom of the bottle and quickly drained it.

    They must water down their swill here because she was not feeling even remotely the correct amount of drunk for the shit day... week... unspecified time she was having of late.
    Perhaps it was because of the scene she saw earlier as she traipsed to the nearest bar. A slave was being handled. Slavery didn't bother her, indentured servitude was a thing in her line of work and at times that debt was remaining alive, but something about the punishment given to the slave was... upsetting.
    It wasn't a cattle prod or a shock collar or anything quick and sharp. It was a whip. Just a black leather whip and it laid into the back of this slave over and over to the point the slave stopped making sound and yet the handler kept striking before picking up the slave by the neck scruff and walking off with them. No one reacted to it.

    And now she was stuck here. She had fuel, barely, and could probably get away but her ship had been clamped to the docking pad.
    See, she payed for entry. But not for exit.
    She had coyly stated she'd pay easily because, after all, she was Gael, Queen of the Void... And then practically pranced past the guards, giving them her pistole with an air of self confidence strong enough to not get any more questions. No doubt the crime lord of this place checked her ship and found out by now she was flat broke and was happy with a new acquisition of the Raptor.

    Now she hoped that they would leave her alone, happy to take her ship and meager possessions for now, so she could figure out a way to get her and her ship off of this station and to another safe haven. She had done it before.
    Her skill with a gun, aided by her AR monocle, personality knowledge, computer skills and, frankly, the fact she was a woman and had (some) tits meant she managed to get out just as whatever male realized that perhaps the PIRATE lady might not be true to her word.

    She was also daring when it came to flying her bucket of bolts and would shove herself between other ships to prevent them from firing upon her whilst charging her engines to full. Sadly, escape was one of the few things she was good at, along with bluffing, and actually engaging a ship was not something she had the spine to do when she was even slightly outmatched or gunned so when after threatening a hauler said hauler brings up its guns and returns fire she would quickly charge and race past them before they realized she did not just do a daring frontal charge.

    Her few skills only got her to remain alive and space born for so long and now it seemed she slammed down into a trap she once again needed to escape but this place... it gave her doubts if she could get out.
    Normally she'd start with cons to get some petty stuff or simply sneak in, steal it and sneak out but the stalls in the market she was now near seemed to be overlooked by armed goons of all makings and where there seemed to be none she quickly spotted drones or the glint of a camera that, when she turned on her AR monocle to check the electric signature, seemed to suddenly turn to her so she quickly and quietly made her retreat.

    Now, bottle and wallet empty, she had no idea what to do.

    “... Fuck.”
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