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Varatyr Scorchtalon - my new Insatiable Curiosity character

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    Varatyr Scorchtalon - my new Insatiable Curiosity character

    Name: Varatyr Scorchtalon
    Gender: Male
    Species: Drakera’serath
    Height: 223 cm (7’)
    Weight: 107 kg (235.89 lbs)
    Occupation: Mercenary (Ex-soldier: Drakerian military), Moonlighting Bounty Hunter
    Appearance: Varatyr is on the tall side for a Plated Dragon, His plating is a very dark midnight blue, with pale, mottled-grey scutes, and his mane is dark brown. His horns are vaguely lightning-shaped, spreading outwards.

    All six of his limbs have been replaced with cybernetic prostheses; the arms at the shoulder, the legs above the knee, and the wings at the base. They are surprisingly close mimics of natural limbs in function, if not in appearance; their plating is somewhat too stylised, and is edged with a trim that can glow blue at will. The wings’ membrane material is also completely covered with a pattern of tessellating hexagons. There is significant visible scarring on the plating near the joins, though this does not compromise the integrity of the plating in these areas.

    Bio: Varatyr grew up on Drakerix, joining the military at a young age. He was involved in the Andromedan War (where he lost his limbs), though like Jaxamar Stormtalon, he’s actually fairly young for his species. Since the end of the war, he’s served as a mercenary, contracting nearly-exclusively with the Drakerix government, though he has also moonlighted as a bounty hunter while between jobs.

    While a veteran, Varatyr never rose above NCO rank. He has experience commanding a team, but is otherwise just a soldier.

    Equipment: Varatyr owns a Dado “Elite” 1201 Heavy Ion Rifle, a Dado 606 Ion Pistol, two vibration swords, and a suit of power armour along with various personal effects.

    Of Drakera’serath make, the suit is sleek-lined and lean, with a protruding breastplate, and comes equipped with an array of movement-boosting thrusters mounted across the frame and on the wing covers (which double as zero-G RCS thrusters), a pair of sword sheathes mounted on the waist, and a shield mounted on the left arm. It is powered by two D-sinks (Both for redundancy, and to reliably power some of the more energy-hungry systems, such as the thruster array, even if having two might be a bit overkill), comes with hardpoints to attach further weapons and equipment, and is driven via an implanted neural lace, responding as much to its wearer’s thoughts as their movements.

    The shield is a sleek, retractable design comprised of a metallic mesh that is reinforced with Foucault currents, with the deployed shield appearing somewhat reminiscent of wings (the resemblance being an unintentional side-effect of the deployment mechanism), and the boss (which can also be reinforced in the same way as the shield membrane) resembling a draconic face. The Foucault currents also disrupt impacting ion and particle bolts, dispersing them before they can cause damage to the suit or its wearer, and provide a modicum of protection from vibration blades.

    Varatyr’s two vibration blades are fairly typical for Drakera’serath blades, being fairly long and slim, providing superb blade control and stabbing performance with little sacrifice of their slashing performance. The flats of the blades have an anodised titanium coating, giving them an iridescent sheen that shimmers when the blades are active.
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