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    Interest Check Insatiable Curiosity (The Reboot) RP-Recruitment

    Hello, everyone.

    It occurred to me the other day that I never set the reboot to 'Open Recruiting'. (It's a little prefix thingy we have in the roleplay forums.) It was my intention, though, to have it open for anyone who wished to join.

    And it still is!

    Here are a couple of guide lines if you think you might like to join up:

    First, you have to play a character that will become an integral part of the story. This usually means an officer. It also usually means that the officer will be the head of some division. We can probably look into doing spin-off stories if interest for them comes up, but for now, we have only the main story going.

    Here is what the story is so far:

    The Insatiable Curiosity came onto the scene about two years ago. We come to present day where our story begins.

    During that two-year period, the Insatiable Curiosity had been wandering pretty aimlessly around the League (the universe [more on the League in a bit] I have the Insatiable Curiosity set in). It had been working to establish itself as a free trader and passenger liner. It worked to ferry cargo from world to world, took on passengers, and also served as a ship of mercy where ever need for it was found.

    It was though, the most heavily armed and most powerful ship to have ever existed in the League.

    This drew comfort from some (for those who knew its Captain, if only by reputation), but great fear from others. This ship literally, had the power to destroy whole worlds.

    Imagine if you will, a post-modern-esque Star Wars kind of story combined with an Arthur C. Clarke kind of science-fiction realism. Except in this case, the 'Death Star' was owned by someone who was altruistic and saw the benefits of such a machine being used for the greater good, instead of some evil warlord bent upon ruling the galaxy. If you can imagine it, then you'll have pretty much nailed what the roleplay is about.

    The ship though, as our story begins, is being forced out of its role of altruism, into a ship that needs to defend itself. Elements in the League, who stand to suffer losses to their huge greedy empires, cannot tolerate the Insatiable Curiosity's existence. The same holds for a bloated political establishment, who see the ship as a threat to the ruling class.

    The former is trying to sneak spies and saboteurs aboard, while the latter has finally just made a bid to have the ship declared outlaw.

    This is where we enter the story. The roleplay began with the unfolding of these events. Which is pretty much where you would become a member of her crew.

    Becoming a member of the crew, or we working you in, will be pretty easy. The ship is large enough, and has enough people on it, that anyone can be hired in from within on the spot. Moreover, they can be given promotions from within ranks, or hired right out of the many hundreds of passengers who are aboard the ship. Imagine a city that travels through space, and you'll pretty much have it nailed. The Insatiable Curiosity is six kilometers long - more than enough space for any conceivable person to already be aboard her.

    The League:

    Or how it pertains to us. I won't be going into a whole political makeup of the League government right now - just imagine our governments of present day, the democratic ones [and all of the corruption which runs rampant in many of them]. What I intend instead for this section to be, is an explanation on the types of characters that are available to you within the scope of the roleplay.

    Basically, it goes like this; the League is formed of many different worlds, worlds which gave rise to sapience to their own unique species. Meaning, within the scope of our roleplay, you can be just about any kind of fur, scaly or avian character you wish. If it exists in the furry universe, then it exists here. I play an anthro equine, for example. Daryn plays a falcon. Arratra plays a dragon who is from a world of dragons. As does Sohdakin. (This pretty much sums up our player list at the time of this writing.)

    These characters will be living, breathing examples of worlds that gave rise to sapience to that species. That species will be unique to that world. Many worlds of course, given that space travel is widely available within the League, will be mixing pots of who knows how many species, so you could also be from any other world within the League that you wished.

    I must ask, though, that your character be from a world within the League. Meaning, please no spin-off unique races with their own governments and agendas. We ran into this barrier before, and it significantly hampered the telling of the overall story.

    Characters You Run:

    You may have special abilities if you wish. Perhaps you have some kind of special computer interface technology embedded in your character which could make you a perfect candidate to be a technician of some sort. Or perhaps you have augmented strength - which could make you especially suited to being a security officer or soldier or some such. What kind of special ability you decide you have, the only thing I ask, is that it be explained and have a pretty good background to back it up. Once you have it, in other words, that is all you will have in terms of those special abilities during the course of the rest of the roleplay.

    (Sorry, yeah - we'll not have players god-modding midstream by coming up with whatever new ability they need to help them in whatever situation they need it in, or whatever opportunity presents itself during the course of the roleplay [we ran into that problem before too]).

    The only thing we ask, is that characters be kept real. Meaning, no god-like super powers or invulnerabilities. Characters must be vulnerable. They must have real feelings, concerns, and things that make them happy. They must be played as real people. They will have to be for this story to work. Risk of loss will be a great motivator which appears repeatedly in the story. If you have nothing to lose, or to gain, then playing the character will become pointless - and they may become a hindrance to the overall roleplay and the enjoyment of its other participants.

    What Divisions I Can Play In:

    The Insatiable Curiosity is separated into two main divisions. Navy and Marines. Within those two divisions, several different job descriptions are available.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	divisions.png
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    Naval divisions are backed by black - Marine divisions by gray

    These are (by division):


    (Note - I have grayed out divisions that will not be available, as specific divisions for roleplay. These are unavailable for one, because they would be quite boring to try to play as principle positions. Secondly, they can be played by characters who are in more specialized or integral divisions, but are called upon to temporarily serve in these capacities during the course of the roleplay.)

    • Command - Command is to describe any officer who not specialized in any division. These are almost always bridge officers. Another term for them is "Line Officers". Only Command Officers can achieve ranks higher than Captain.
    • Sciences - Officers who specialize in sciences. They can be lab technicians, stellar cartographers, research personnel, etc - if it has to do with science, one will usually always find a Science Officer in charge of it.
    • Navigation - An officer in charge of plotting courses. They can serve on the bridge of a ship, or on larger auxiliary craft.
    • Tactics - These officers aid in resolving tactical solutions in the event of ship-to-ship combat.
    • Communications - Just as the name suggests, these officers are in charge of all things communication-based. They can be in charge of ship-to-ship communications, inner-ship communications, or even the oversight of mobile personnel communicators.
    • Technician - These officers make up the I.T. department of a ship.
    • Medical - Medical officers are typically doctors or nurses. They can also be found involved in biotech research and disease-prevention areas of work.
    • Administration - These officers are in charge of everything administrative aboard ship. They oversee crew pay, and keep personnel records. They are also in charge of supply, and can be found working throughout the ship in nearly every department.
    • Ship Services - These officers are in charge of areas such as ship's laundry service, mess hall and everything else related to crew and passenger comfort - barber shops, theaters, restaurants, malls, bars, etc. These officers are also in charge of ship's supply. Responsible for consumables inventories, uniform allotments, ship's storage, and everything else that has to do with maintaining supplies for just about everything aboard ship.
    • Security - Simply put, the Insatiable Curiosity's police force, and the officers who operate it.
    • Legal - Specialized officers who participate in instances of Court's Marshall, or to aid in the settlements of disputes between opposing parties. In effect, they are lawyers.
    • Engineering - Everything to do with power and propulsion aboard ship.
    • Weapons - Officers who are in charge of the various departments that maintain and repair shipboard weapon systems. Also, the ranking officer in this division assigns bridge personnel to man ship's weapons, he or she often manning them themselves during ship-to-ship combat situations.
    • Damage Control - Shipboard firemen and emergency repair personnel, and the officers who are in charge of them.
    • Ship Maintenance - Mechanical officers who oversee the maintenance of everything on the ship (not to include ship propulsion systems - those are under the direction of Engineering), to include everything from ship's electrical power, the water and air reclamation systems, all the way to the inclusion of repairing doors and replacing elements in the tens of thousands of light fixtures aboard ship. If it needs fixing, there will usually be a Ship Maintenance person present.
    • Cargo Control - Officers who are in charge of keeping track of all cargo which comes aboard and leaves the ship.
    • Harbor Pilot - An officer who pilots a tug, or other service oriented auxiliary vessel.
    • Cargo Pilot - An officer who can also serve as a harbor pilot, but whose primary role is the piloting of large craft specifically designed to move cargo containers and the like from ship to ship and/or ship to planet.
    • Shuttle Pilot - An officer who pilots shuttles and other small auxiliary craft.
    • Fighter Pilot - A combat pilot who operates highly nimble and heavily armed, space and/or aerial combat craft. These highly trained individuals, in addition to their fighter craft, can pilot all other craft with the exception of cargo craft.


    • Command - The same as Naval line officers, except that these officers are typically at the pinnacle of command during off-ship operations. Only Command Officers can achieve ranks higher than Colonel.
    • Communications - Officers who can be in charge of communications on auxiliary assault craft, or aboard ship, if shipboard combat ensues.
    • Tactics - The same as Naval tactics, but Marine tactical officers are responsible for resolving strategies for planet-side and boarding party defense and/or assaults.
    • Weapons - An officer who is in charge of the department responsible for the upkeep, repair and upgrade of all Marine weaponry - to include weaponry on assault craft, all the way down to the weapons carried by infantry personnel.
    • Pilot - An officer who's primary role is the piloting of Marine assault craft. During peacetime operations, they can double up as Naval auxiliary pilots, piloting shuttlecraft and other small Naval auxiliary craft.
    • Battle Dress Pilot - An Officer who pilots an extraordinary mobile assault vehicle, coined as Battle Dress aboard the Insatiable Curiosity. It is a powered suit of armor, exceptional in size, capabilities and firepower.
    • Technician - An officer in charge of the maintaining and upgrading of everything equipment related, weapon or non-weapon-based, as pertains to anything powered which is carried by Marine combat units.
    • Equipment/Vehicle Maintenance - An officer in charge of the department that oversees the upkeep of any vehicle employed by Marine combat units. Drop ships, planet-side assault craft, boarding-party craft and Battle Dress.
    • Medical - Officers who see to field triage and emergency mobile, planet-side and off-ship field hospitals. They serve this same function aboard ship, in instances of mass-casualty engagements or accidents.

    Ranks Aboard Ship:

    See the rank table below, to learn the rank structure (and their related rank emblems) that will be observed during the roleplay.

    Rick (my character - and who is the leader of the ship [Captain]) decided early on, when he first commissioned his vessel, that having a military-esque structure for the makeup of its organization, was essential. The ship then is run on this structure, along with its hierarchy, and of course, its codes of discipline and own set of rules. Players will be expected to fit their characters within this structure, and to play their characters accordingly.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	shipranks.png
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    The highest available rank to player characters at start, are Lieutenant Commander and Major
    Naval ranks are backed by black - Marine ranks by gray

    Character uniforms are of no great concern, however. Characters can wear whatever clothing they wish. The only stipulations are, is that they wear their rank emblem conspicuously along with their division emblems, if they opt to wear their own clothing. A standard ship's uniform is available, and free of charge, if members of the crew wish to wear them. Else, they are required to provide their own clothing/uniforms, if they opt not to wear a uniform.

    Rank is typically worn on the left collar; division emblem is worn on the right. There is no rule set in stone in this regard, however, especially where personally-preferred clothing is chosen. Rank and division emblem can be worn anywhere (tastefully) so long as they are conspicuous.

    Command officers will wear only rank emblems. They will appear on both collars (if the character is in ship's uniform). If the character choose his or her own uniform, the Command emblem must be worn along with the rank emblem, but only if the selected clothing doesn't have two collars. In which case, rank emblems are worn on both collars.

    Other than Officers:

    It is possible for a player, if they wish, to play a character that is other than an officer. In which case, they can play either as an enlisted person, or as a contractor who was hired to fill some kind of specialized role that wasn't covered by the ship's sets of divisions. In either case, whatever division in which they serve, they will be expected to follow orders from the ship's captain, and from ranking division officers. If a player chooses to play an enlisted person, they will be permitted one of the following:

    Naval - Petty officer, all the way up to Chief Petty Officer
    Marines - Sergeant, all the way up through Master Sergeant

    Else, players can opt to play civilian contractors. This is in fact, fairly likely to happen. Where our story begins, there are several hundred passengers aboard - who might wish to serve the ship in some capacity once the ship is propelled into the events that have begun being described in the story. In these latter instances, however, they will typically be closely supervised by ship's officers. To become a member of the crew, one must be sworn in to serve the ship. A civilian contractor will probably be required to sign non-disclosure agreements and be expected to follow ship's rules - but unless swearing themselves in, they will be considered rogue elements, requiring supervision and direction given them by ranking heads of divisions, during the normal course of their service aboard ship. Civilian contractors most often occur in Ship's Services, serving as cooks, janitorial personnel, barbers and so on. That is not to say, though, that a contractor could not serve in some technical field or other. A wide variety is positions is open to civilian contractors.

    In the course of the roleplay though, it may come as much easier to fit in if one opts to be a member of the crew. They will fit better within the hierarchy of the command structure, and may given to better understand how their characters fit within the overall structure of the roleplay. If you wish, nonetheless, to play a character that is outside of that chain of command, the option is available.

    The Ship:

    Key to diagram above:

    1. Bridge
    2. Officer's Staterooms
    3. Passenger Staterooms
    4. VIP Passenger Staterooms
    5. Observation Domes (the one on top is a Five-Star Restaurant)
    6. Forward Crew Quarters
    7. Midships Crew Quarters
    8. Down Below Crew Quarters
    9. Ship's Foundry
    10. Battle Dress Bays and Proving Grounds
    11. Cargo Bays
    12. Auxiliary Craft Launch Doors
    13. Auxiliary Craft Landing Platform
    14. Main Cargo Bay Doors
    15. Promenade Ring
    16. Engineering (Helix Sphere)
    17. Bussard Ram-Jet Collector
    18. Dropship Hangar

    The ship operates on a Helix drive system.

    I took this idea, some years ago, from an experiment that was conducted using mercury. Placing the mercury in a doughnut shaped enclosure, researchers spun it very fast and applied an electrical charge to it. What occurred next startled them. The spinning mercury caused the container to begin to float in defiance of gravity!

    I took this a significant step further. The Helix.

    The Helix is comprised of three rings. Each of these rings are two-and-a-half kilometers in diameter - with the third being slightly smaller so that it can be moved within the two other rings.

    The first two rings in the Helix are fixed. They are situated crosswise from one another. One faces forward and aft; the other faces side to side. Together they form a kind of gyroscope.

    The third ring floats within the sphere formed by the first two rings. It can be turned in whatever direction is wished.

    All three of these rings are comprised of an ultra-hardened crystal/exotic metal matrix. See-through, this material is fifty meters thick. Inside of these rings, over five thousand metric tonnes of exotic liquid metal is spun up to five-thousand kilometers per hour. This spinning creates an exotic gravitational effect. This effect is harnessed to move the ship. The third ring, which again is movable within the other two rings, is turned to steer the ship.

    The ship can achieve startling speeds in normal space-time. The Helix, and its rings, creates a gravitational bubble which encompasses the ship. As such, acceleration is limited only by how fast the Helix can accelerate through space-time. The ship can achieve point-nine-nine of light speed, and achieve it in mere seconds. It also permits a maneuverability that is unparalleled by any other drive technology. Because the ship is so encompassed, those aboard are subject to no effects of acceleration; they feel no G-forces - none whatsoever - either from acceleration or from any abrupt changes in direction.

    In addition, the Helix, by virtue of it being made up of spinning metal, produces a continual electrical charge. Spinning metal, as any first-year science student knows, produces electricity. The amount of electrical energy the Helix produces, or can produce, is no less than astronomical. Literally, what it can produce, is the potential energy contained within a star.

    This energy is harnessed to power the ship. It is a virtually limitless source. It is also enough to power an assemblage of dismayingly powerful weapons. The ship can literally destroy a planet - and achieve that destruction in seconds.

    In terms of ship engagements, there is nothing in the League which can even hope to pose a threat against it. In addition to astoundingly powerful weapons, the Insatiable Curiosity can project a force field of unparalleled potency. Nothing available to the League, in terms of weaponry, can be brought to bear in hopes of penetrating it. Not even hundreds of ships at once, with every of their most powerful weapons brought to bear, would give any hope of penetrating it.

    The ship's history in brief, is that it was created to end a generations-long war. It was built to end that war in one final stroke. It became redundant, though, when the race it was built to fight, managed to destroy itself with its own war-purposed technologies, before the ship could be brought to bear. In the building of the ship, the race who had built it, had wrecked their economy in its construction. It needed to be sold, if there was to be any hope of economical recovery.

    Then in comes Rick Canaan.

    Just previous to this grand ship being made available for sale, he had managed to come into wealth amassing in the trillions. (The backstory of this will likely come out later in the roleplay.)

    The world who had built the ship turned to him at once. For one, in addition to him recently becoming a trillionaire, Rick Canaan was reputed as one with absolute sterling character. Rick, and they both saw, that this grand titan needed to be in the right hands. The world would not sell it to anyone of questionable character; Rick Canaan, having the opportunity, leaped on it for fear if he did not, it would eventually fall into those hands. The enormity of the responsibility of it, though, was immediately staggering. Only the fact that Rick had served as an admiral in the League for several years prior, gave him to believe that he might be up to the challenge of owning such a grand vessel.

    Also, though, he had immediately seen the potential for good in the grand ship. He could use it to stabilize whole economies. He could use it to stabilize regions that were being destabilized by unrest or even torn by war. The ship could, literally, become a White Knight to the galaxy.

    And so, is where our story begins. For two years the Insatiable Curiosity has been in service. For two years it has been working toward those aspiring ends, and succeeding in many of them spectacularly. But as all know, the universe is balance. One cannot have one force which pushes, without an equal force eventually evolving to push back. Where the story begins, is the transformation from a ship of peace, the Insatiable Curiosity being pushed to become a ship of possible war.

    Come join us. The Insatiable Curiosity roleplay is open. And is recruiting.

    Note: This story/roleplay is Rated-R. There will be detailed descriptions of death, destruction and loss throughout. Also, cursing (within tasteful limits) is permitted. As will be instances of drug-use, alcohol consumption, and so on. In the endeavor to bring a story with an impact of realism to the players, I have opted to make the story as real-life as can be achieved. This means that many, if not all, of these elements will be present (and permitted).
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