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XAPCap 02-2

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    XAPCap 02-2

    I am please to present to you the first ever XAP instalment to arrive completely on time!
    This is a breakthrough for me. I received the content just over a week ago, recorded the intro and outro less than 10 hours ago and it's here on the forum 3 days before the deadline, hot off the presses!
    I hope you guys enjoy this comic segment by Odin Ashcroft.

    XAPCap 2 of Episode 2


    The Xeno-Anthros Podcast (XAP) is's official podcast, hosted by SliceOfDog and contributed to by a variety of personalities from the community.

    General information on XAP and how to contribute can be found here: Community Forums
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    Re: XAPCap 02-2

    Welp, just got done listening to it, and found it just as enjoyable as all the others so far. You're doing a real, bangup job with these, Slice!

    Oh and the outtakes at the end were a nice touch. I really enjoyed those!

    Oh and nice job, too, Odin! I found the comic/movie crossover reviews quite entertaining and informative!

    Keep up the great work, guys! XAP is chugging right along!
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