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Final Music Track by Delphanaeous

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    Final Music Track by Delphanaeous

    I had assumed that Delphanaeous, who created the brilliant music for XAP, had fallen off of the face of the planet in recent months, but this morning he came back with a full, final version of the XAP track, lasting an epic 7 minutes!

    You can listen to the track here, and even buy it if you're so inclined and would like to support him. Otherwise, please just drop by his FA page and leave a message of thanks, or comment on the teaser submission and thank him for his great music which has made XAP so much more entertaining to listen to! Hell, even the transition noise I use is taken from his tracks!

    So yeah, here's to Delphai, and I'm sure you'll join me in wishing him many years of luck and many more great music tracks!
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    Re: Final Music Track by Delphanaeous

    I'm kind of surprised that nobody's commented on this. It's really quite a well done track, and we're able to use it in our fine little podcast. Really is nice of him to have done that for is. Thanks Delphanaeous for a wonderful and charitable contribution!
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