Welcome to Scififur.net!

We are an open Internet community for furries who like science-fiction. We welcome everyone and invite open and diverse activity. However, as with all Internet communities, we’d like for everyone to observe a few rules while they’re here.


  • You must register an account to be able to participate on Scififur.net
  • You must be at least 13 in order to be able to register an account
  • Younger participants may join, but we will require permission in writing from and signed by the registrant’s parent or legal guardian. (Such permission may be sent to SliceOfDog)
  • You may use only one email per account

Because we allow younger members to join, please observe the following:

  • No foul language
  • No discussions about drugs, sex or alcohol are allowed
  • Also, this site is not to be used for the purpose of arranging rendezvous between adults and minors. We will cooperate fully if approached by law enforcement. We will report any such activity to law enforcement immediately upon its discovery.

For the rest of our policies, we could probably go into a long list, but we aren’t. The only things we ask, is that all members comport themselves with respect toward other members, and if it’s illegal, anywhere, please don’t use our site for it, or discuss it on our forums. Simply put, please don’t troll or flame or plagiarize art, arrange piracy on our site, etc. If administration asks that a member modify their participation, then please do as they ask. We’re a nice bunch here, but we may ban members for inappropriate behavior, especially repeated instances.

Thank you! And we hope you enjoy Scififur.net!