Terms of Service
Acceptable Use Statement is an Adult website. We sponsor adult themes, up to an including sexually explicit content. Therefore:

  • You must be 18 to become a member
  • To become a member, you must register an account
  • You must have a membership in order to view content and to participate on the site
  • You may register only one account

Site conduct and behavioral expectations policies

We propose to offer an open and welcoming site for our community. To that aim, there are certain policies and expectations we have in hopes of maintaining it. Failure to follow any of these policies could lead to account-suspensions and possible banishment from the service. We are a pretty nice group of people here, but we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and inviting site for those who enjoy using it.

Furthermore, by participating on, you agree to be bound by these policies. If you disagree with any of these policies, you must immediately leave and cease use of the service. reserves the right to refuse anyone access for any reason.

Section 1 - Member Conduct Policies:

  1. No threatening behavior
  2. No character-assassination
  3. No flaming, ridicule or mockery
  4. No kink-bashing
  5. No hate, racial slurs, gender slurs or negative remarks about sexual orientation
  6. No harassment
  7. No assuming staff-like authority
  8. No spamming
  9. No trolling
  10. No republication of content without site and/or original publisher's permission
  11. No plagiarism

Failure to follow any of the above policies, will result in disciplinary action from staff. We will exercise our right to maintain a site with a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, as with all Internet websites, is a private property. All members do have certain rights, but whenever anyone goes to any privately owned property, they are expected to follow the owner of said property's rules. Failure to do so may lead to the offending parties being asked to leave. In example, if you go to a bar or restaurant and become disruptive, you may be asked to leave. The same applies here. And we will ask disruptive people to leave. Even throw them out if it becomes necessary. Don't test us. Don't make us. We're a friendly group here, but we are committed to keeping a nice place for everyone.

Section 2 - Specific Site-Participation Policies:

Content is to be science-fiction-related.

  1. Sexually-explicit content is welcome
  2. Any and all adult-related content is allowed
  3. However, all scenes, whether in artwork, in writing, in roleplay, etc, must be in a science-fiction setting
  4. Content that is not, may be removed, with possible admonitions from staff from further posting of said material
  5. Repeated instances of it, may lead to account suspensions or other measures

No depictions of under-aged characters in sexual situations are allowed

  1. Such content will be immediately removed with admonitions from staff against further postings
  2. Repeat postings will result in banishment of offending members' accounts

No human nudity

  1. Period. Such content will be immediately removed.
  2. Account suspensions will result for repeat postings

Real-life Memes are allowed

  1. Within reason. For the purpose of fursuiting, showing off cooking, a new pair of shoes you bought, a new car, etc
  2. Bearing in mind that such content will be available to the entire Internet at large
  3. cannot be held responsible for misuse of such information

You are responsible for your own privacy and security

  1. has taken every reasonable step available to it to ensure site security
  2. It is nonetheless your responsibility to ensure your own
  3. Be careful with whom you share private information
  4. Don't share your password
  5. cannot be held responsible for lack of exercising good judgement on members' parts

Okay, that's the end of our policies. We hope everyone enjoys and that you find what brought you to our site!

All the best! Staff